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360 - Broken Wings


Here's someone I'd like you to meet – rock bottom.
You can hide it sometimes. Today is not an option.
You wanna tell your friends, and you wanna spit it out.
It's pretty hard to do. You'd hate to think you'd bring 'em down.
But even though you'd want 'em to if they were in need of ya.
Even though the front is hard to hold, it's still easier.
And every day it shows it's face. You're getting killed inside.
It's so twisted. It's the thing that makes you feel alive.
So you can't leave it; it's like you half need it.
That inner demon. It makes you want to quit believing.
I know how you feel and really, oh, I know it's true.
'Cause honestly that's exactly what I'm going through.

My wings are broken
My wings are broken

You're in the eye of the storm.
Should be gliding away, and now some lightning is formed.
All these clouds that surrounded around you, fighting a war.
You've seen this violence before, but you don't know what you're fighting it for.
It's so hard to let your heart embrace it.
You see it's hard to take it. It's getting larger and you can't escape it.
It's like you can't uncover this grey cloud on you.
So you sit there, hoping it rains down on you.
It'll swallow you whole. You know that that's standard.
You see the ground, but it's bound to be a crash landing.
You need to be here now. You always go within.
You want to touch down. It's hard to do with broken wings.
It's like your hearts pain is everything you can't take.
Forget about your past days; remember that our scars fade.
I know how you feel. Talkin' 'bout it won't do.
But you'll be fine, that's exactly what I've gone through.

My wings are broken
My wings are broken

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