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5th Flow - I'm On It

5th Flow [x8]
Pink Slip Records *laughs*
We on the radio now baby (yessir)
We takin over (yessir)
Ha (ha)
5th Flow forever, ah ah, aahhhhh

She look good
She fine
Like Kim Kardash she got ass
You standin by the bar
Where yo man you look loney
Oh yo boyfriend in the bathroom

[Verse 1:]
First of all you ain't matchin niggas you tacky
Is that yo girlfriend (Why?)
Shit I'm just askin
Wanna give you the bizness shawty
That's what the bizness is
Rahlo a go getta so Imo gone need me a
Ronald McDonald ass niggas tryna copy me
Yo man a Happy Meal
Come fuck with a Burger King
I got a mouth piece
Like I'm in a boxing rang
Talk yo chick out her draws
Then talk that bitch up on top of me
I can talk yo newly wedded wife up out her wedding ring
Make that trick wanna quit her job
Have her workin for jelly beans
Bang, Bang, (yeah) Skeet, Skeet (yeah)
When I smash AKAs be like, Skee Wee

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I'm on it like demand (man)
The bomb like Iran (Iran)
She cold as a fan
And back it up like a van (van)
Bump what you saying
So what so you got a man
You already know (trick)
I don't give a damn (damn)
She checkin my fresh (fresh)
I'm checkin her breast (breast)
If she wanna put her mouth on me
I'm checkin her breath
She peckin my neck (neck)
Expectin my sex (sex)
If she ain't got a ass like Kardash
I'm like NEXT
Supreme of 5th Flow rockin L.O.G.C.
Cause that's the one thing the ladies L-O-V-E
They L-U-V me
So I won't take it easy
And I'm a take ya breezy
Nigga, please belive me

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Jeah, I'm on it like Homer on donuts (yeah)
I'm on it like homeless on corners (yeah)
I'm on it like a phone, wrong number (unh)
I want her (unh), she want me (yeah), I wonder (yeah)
Is it cause I stack change like the Mario Bros
It don't matter cause I'm in demand like white tees
Yep I'm the man, something like Whitey, haaaaa
She grabbin on my stick like we hikin
She got that Kim Kardash back that her shorts look like biking
I'm fresh my dougie like Flutie (uh huh)
(JClay so fine)
Well gone head and do me
Assumin, it's too many girls that's on me (on me)
This looks like a job for my homies (we on it)

[Chorus x2]

5th Flow [x8]
Yeah Pink Slip Records representin
5th Flow
Shout out to Man Up Entertainment
Shout out to B-Hamp
Shout out to Lil Won
We all got next, we takin over
That's all I gotta say

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