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8ball And Devius - Er' Body Kno' Me

Oh yeah~! You know what time it is BITCH
It's Ted DiBiase, 8 Ways Entertainment, M-Gang G.C.
We gettin to the money my nigga

[Chorus x2: Devius]
Er'body kno' me (yup) if you don't it don't matter (NOOOO)
Pull up to the club (club) trunk on rattle (rattle)
I came hurr alone (heyyy) I'm leavin with'cha daughter (ayyy)
We agreed after six mixed drinks that I bought here

Bitch I party like a rock star, no it ain't the Shop Boyz
Call yourself a baller, what the fuck you got a top for
Hit the scene, lookin like a mill'
Polo wears hang, I was fresh befo' the deal
Force Ones icy, fresh up out the box
They can't wait to see what DiBiase drove up on the lot
It'll be the old school with the outrageous wheels
Or the whip with funny doors and the engine in the rear
Meanwhile I'm at the bar, give me straight Patron shots
Then I'm on the danceflo', while they pop lock and drop
Boy don't let the jewels fool ya, they ain't searched me at the door
I just came to two step and then leave with a whore
M-Gang the team (team) G.C. the squad (squad)
Ay them 8 Ways niggaz known to rip a track apart
I might hit the V.I.P. so they can stare at the chain
And my ear, and my wrist, and the glare off my rang


Yup, money getter, hustlers need it just to function
Montana did it, that's the reason why the beat is bumpin
Eightball, I've been raw since the first days
A Bad Boy and the President of 8 Ways
City to city pretty women jock my swagger
I'm movin slow cause I got purple stuff off in my cup
My chain swangin, thang blangin like a chandelier
2008 Ways, yeah player that's my year
We rollin like we dropped the best sack of double stack
Bowlin ball paint, big truck, what did you expect
M-Town representer, lifestyle of a winner
Seersucker in the summer, black mink for the winter
Spinners old, real money ride big chrome
And have women in kitchens cookin in big homes
It's dead wrong, me and DiBiase murder songs
And this right here is fin' to be your next ringtone

[Chorus x2]

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