8ball And Devius M-Gangda Shit (Kno' Dat) текст песни, слова песни M-Gangda Shit (Kno' Dat) 8ball And Devius

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8ball And Devius - M-Gangda Shit (Kno' Dat)

M-Gang da shit, kno' dat

[Verse 1: 8Ball]
Eightball rollin, grind fo' the shine
A penny to a nickle, a nickle to a dime
A pen to the paper, then I got a rhyme
Get the mic bump it off, spill out my mind
Take a bite and swallow, my chain ain't hollow
You square like Lamont and I'm more like Rollo
Came up in the ghetto, black superhero
Big dude, e'rything I ride be a fo' do'
Stop for a photo, pose with'cha hoe doe
Squeeze too tight and she might feel the fo' oh
In the truck solo with the tint for the cops
But if your boy dirty, I might not stop cause uhh

[Chorus x2: 8Ball]
M-Gang da shit, kno' dat
8 Ways E-N-T on my back
Gimme that paper and see how we act
(Gimme gimme that paper and see how we act~!)

[Verse 2: Devius]
You see the big ol' wheels, you see that Rolls Royce grill
Brown skin deep, a pedicure and in them heels
Salvatore Ferragomo, that's how I step out
8 Ways M-Gang, this how I rep out
It's Ted DiBiase, tatted arm and hang
I know he hate to see perfection, better calm your man
Cause the steel right here, I'll peel right here
Let my bitch go home and I'll chill right here
Y'all niggaz got the game so fucked up
I'm on some blessed shit, y'all get your luck up
24's under paint that's candy
Used to not like me, now they can't stand me
Rich got a rental baby duplex on it
Driveway was empty now there's two 'Vettes on it
Yup, laugh at my past, shades for my future
Bought my son a black Benz and my daughter she a Fusion


[Verse 3:]
We shoot first bruh, it ain't gon' be no argument
M-Gang run shit, call us Parliament
I'll have you pussies hung quick like your ornaments
Swingin like it's Christmas in the summer
The missile's in the Hummer and a half a brick of yay
Since the spring of '97, moved a half a brick a day
So you know Big M.O. thinkin he the shit around the way
Smokin purple, gotta get that other shit up out his face
Nigga you ain't built like we are, leaave you needed to be out
Disrespected G.C. now he bleedin up in the E.R.
It's 8 Ways nigga, the fat mack is back
Just gimme that paper and see how we act

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