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A-Mafia - Wayne Perry

With the tech I leave a lame burried
Niggers respect me like I'm wayne perry
Or david berkowits, haters get murked with chips
Work be flipped, disrespect my... and I...
If you want beef with mafia then send a noise
I'm turning into boys hopping out their expensive toys
I'm a... vandal, who like to gamble
Pull out the knife and jam you, your mama will be lighting candle
We came to win tomorrow we gonna be stars
Crashed up the benz had to borrow... flea card
We seeing bread, see the stones in jesus head
Squeeze a leg to eat your dead they catch us, we gonna beat the feds
... big diamonds got my arms...
Niggers in my hood say I remind them of the Marc...
I will start whosing, any nigger who flex my true necks
For each verse I get 2 checks
While you vex, I'm A Mafia,.. niggers get their tooth...
Remember when I used to rob niggers for the newspaper
Now we're taking cruise boats and... to jamaica
Your hoe hot, I'm a take her
No shots at a faker
It's grind time, with age I get better like fine wine
I shine and my mind is similar to Einstein
I'm keeping mill, either shell,
Eveyday I'm beat and tell, like a just was released from jail
I got a mean aura, my whole team scorers
We already rich, ya can't do a thing for us
I've been back and freaks, you can ask... how we used to 'ttack the streets
And make a hundred stack a week, true story
This is the fact I speak ain't no... I'm living that
Rob me and I get it back, your ribs get cracked
Don't play with me cause I'm a hard gorilla
And I probably... if it wasn't for... killer
I got a sweet connect for the dealer
Ask for fuck that drug money I'm trying get that streets we protect
Red jacket, red sneakers and red... you got a scheme and some bread with it
Then let's get it.

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