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Aceyalone With Rjd2 - Mooore

More and more and more and more...
Just a little bit more
Just a little bit more
Just a tiny bit more
More and more and more and more...

They always want a little more than they got
Never take a little when they always take a lot
Didn't any want more cause they never stop
You always on the bottom and they always on the top
They know what to say, you face em every day
Always got a place for you in case you wanna play
A fire in the hole couldn't chase em away
They come around and take it all and never wanna stay
Gotta have extra, add to the texture
I don't want a lecture but that's a nice gesture
Need a bigger portion put it on my plate
Gluttony and suddenly there's nothin else to take
Less is more unless you poor
Gimme everything and leave a mess on the floor
Want the best score and the rest of yours
They forge and the gorge and they whore just a little bit...


No they not satisfied no it's not enough
Make mine bigger pile it up to the roof
Over your head I need more bread
Even my ego needs to be fed
Locked and load headed for the war zone
I need more stones to crush more bones
Greedy and lust for em must have been known
We only want everything leave us alone
Want you to give up more than you ever did before
Open doors so I never get bored
It's never too many, gimme gimme gimme
Come on down my chimney and gimme somethin good
Add somethin to it super size kick it up a notch
Gimme everything that you got in your stock
Make it a double I don't want trouble
I'm takin all the rest of these don't look puzzled


It's perfectly normal to not have morals
No more talented they want every morsel
Who is the mortal I see every mornin
With more than a little bit he must be important
No I'm not surprised you want more fries
You wanna be formally immortalized
Mortified at the borderline
Cause this moron got more than mine
I need morphine, I want more things
The mortgage is due and I need more green
To get more high, bye bye bye
Take it or steal it or get it with a lie
An eye for an eye, make it more wide
I need more room when I jump the ride
There's more than enough more stuff I can hide
I need all mines in an endless supply

[Hook: fade out]

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