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Agerman - Why Me?

This goes out to all the brothers and sisters in america
And all overseas, Trapped in this place we call the ghetto
Why me? Reason why we say why me mane, Cause we ain't ask to be here
Man, Why me? Livin in a hell on earth

[Verse 1:]
Born into a world of sin, Hopped out the womb of my mama
Lil innocent child, Trapped off in a world of drama
Didn't know what color I was till they called me a nigga
Hell on earth, But I ain't never asked to come here
Gotta be better up there cause people dyin down here
A lotta cryin down here, But we tryin down here
So God, Please hear us through this song
Show us the right way cause everybody in the wrong
Plus, It's almost the end, Got me thinkin about it daily
The ghetto's got me crazy, Ain't no future for our babies
Livin in nineteen ninety shady, Trapped in the land of the lost
Demons'll tempt ya daily and police'll take ya out without a doube
Got niggaz callin us niggaz
Uh, Uh, I'm plottin and schemin to reach those big time figgas
Quick to sip on some liquor, Situation got me stressed
Pacin back and forth, I fell on my knees and asked for help, God

[Chorus: x2]
Why me? Livin in this hell on earth
Why me? Born into a world of sin cursed since birth
Why me?
[Oh lord, Dear God, Why me?]

[Verse 2:]
He was raised a savage, His name was lil billy
Always had dreams of bein a big time willy
Dropped outta school cause his grades wasn't that lavish
He flunked every class, But he seem to pass mathematics
This point in time, Tired of watchin mama struggle
That's when lil billy learned to spread his hustle
Went to the streets, Now he's turnin over bundles
He thought he had pahtnas, But they just wanted to see him crumble
He thought it was a play thang, But the game got real
Cause flame's strikin and traded the purchase of the steel
Cause suckers got jealous of the convertible stain gold grill
And purchased his mama a fat house on the hill
But now they comin after him, You know them suckers been watchin
Watchin every move he make and dollars steady clockin
Caught em at a red light strip and the end of drama
Before his last breath, He said I love you mama
But God

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
He's goin through problems wit his family, Fightin wit his wife
Can't sleep at night, Cause he's strung out on the pipe
Closet smokin, But he don't want them to know
Plus he got 2 daughters to feed, Only 9 years old
Oh lord have mercy on my family, Prayers from his wife
Cause he knew and she knew the situation wasn't right
He smoked everythang, From the cars to the wedding rang
Sendin his family through pain, Victim of the caine
Till 1 day his wife got tired of goin through all this
Skipped town while he was out gettin his everyday hit
Came home to an empty house and a letter
That read don't come lookin for us, We moved to alabama
She put all her faith in God to get her and her kids established
She lost her family, Stuck wit a pipe and a habit
Started off a good time when he first hit that grimmy
But now he on his knees beggin God to forgive him

[Chorus x4]

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