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Alexa Goddard - Pretty girls


(Verse 1)
I can do it, do it good
He like my body, he like my look
Coz them girls don't dress like my clic do
We got them jez, got them chains like them girls do
Yea he want it, he want it bad
I see you looking, uh I guess you're mad
Coz you standing in line with your ID
The bouncer told us come in, yup they with me

Thou shall be good, thou shall be sweet
But that ain't my life now that ain't for me
We walked up in this party like we own the whole room
Them girls might try to do it they can't do it like we do
Coz we them

Pretty girls dressed up like tom boys
Blonde hair don't care on some black one
Gold watch, gold chain and some camouflage
Oh yea we them girls, oh yea we them girls
We them girls getting in with no ID
In the four door jeep playing VID
Bandannas on our heads like its 93
Oh yea we them girls, oh yea we them girls

Yea we them, Yea we them

(Verse 2)
No worries, no sleep, the party stop, soon as we leave
It's 3am just waiting for the sun to rise
Yea its gonna be one of those kinda nights
A couple texts but no regrets, might throw some back
Might call my ex. Living life to the fullest fill up the glass
Coz bad girls finish first good girls last

(Rift x1) (Chorus x1)
(Rift x1) (Chorus x1)

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