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Algorithm - Suffer great nation

There's no turning back- I left my home burning in flames this morning
Knowing the day after creates a new day dawning
This is the season of the non-conformist
The arms race where the hare is beaten by the tortoise
More like the bald eagle getting' scalped from within his fortress
The higher purpose issues
Put this in your headline news
The hateful man from Iraq
I wrap
a long stem of thorns around the heartland of America
hate me
scarin' ya
Oklahoma bombing blame me
Suspect unknown stereotype and name me
Then you wonder why we extremists
we dealing with a nation run by demons
Concocting devious government bodies, F-U-C-K
all your D.E.A.'s
and F.E.M.A.'s
Your regime
to steam
roll all opposing themes
Those with the slightest melanin in genes
always considered the away team
Foreign policies transform into broken promises
Can't even fathom exactly what honest is
Dirty rotten lowdown scoundrels dispense the cruel
promise blacks 40 acres and a mule
All they got was 40 ounces and a stool
Description of existence- life's a bitch and breathing's for fools
tragedy rules
Inhale gas and choke on toxic fumes
Blue skies tremble at the mercy of grey smoke from fossil fuels
Did we all want chaos to run amok
Livin' a vampire's life
Reality bites and blood sucks
'Til your zombie like
and don't give a fuck
But that's all gonna change now

Never exercising their rights- freedom of speech atrophy
Fear of conflict with bully big brother watching breeds apathy
Torture loyal citizens
of this wicked system/ leavin' 'em with severed tongue
Let freedom ring but it never rung
Mute affluent bumbs
force rambles
of shabby renditions of a national anthem left in shambles
Half-hearted patriotism
Parents now slaves to their children
Columbine high school reunion sensationalism
21 gun
atomic salute
for this government and its self-destructive attributes
Chickens coming home to roost
This act you call terrorist provides third world populace with ego boost
Aggressions eliminate possibility of truce
Us considered minority but you comb the streets for new recruits
Uncle Sam your nephews wanna show what you've trained them to do
Stress blue collars in the name of increased tax revenue
Children work their fingers to the bone in sweatshops
Rest at night in mud huts
Adolescent have-nots
nourished in economic cell blocks
acquire nutrition from well developed in god we trust
blood lust
They claw, scratch
and scrape for scraps
Asthma grips and grabs
hold they breath with iron grasp
until they lungs collapse
Sick and tired choosin' lesser of two evils in ballot box booby traps
Behemoth industrial complex shall be made simpler
The world ends with a bang as you whimper

My reasons for doing this are noble
The grievances of my people must be made vocal
This global
world cursed with the same destiny of Chernobyl
Under their fearful breaths they sing songs of freedom
Each individual aware the greater good supercedes 'em
A powerful peace comes over your grand cities
Rebels in the trenches doing the dirty work with hands shitty
No sympathy for Mephisto the oppressed won't ever grant pity
Beware, be cautious
Armed forces weakened by heavy losses
Police departments blown to bits with countless grenade tosses
Poisonous chemicals spewing from faucets
got the upper class feeling nautious
Nuclear winter the coldest equalizer
Racist power structure destabilizer
What if the wretched victims of imperialism were to rise up
The ignorant were to wise up
Underground radiation shelters too quickly use supplies up
New World Order conspirators break their ties up
Revolutionaries organized crossed their T's and dot their I's up
The greatest opposition to liberty were sized up
Flip the Earth like a coin, hope for the right side up
Self-defeated suicide down war criminal homicide up
Global warming melt polar caps and raise the tide up
What would you do? Time's up


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