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All Natural - 50 years

Now everybody
fast forward to the future, the year, 2-0-4-4
And let me tell what's in store
Just so you won't be surprised when we blow up, before your eyes
And when you watch my kids grow up then, you'll realize
that my literary talent was genetic
Copacetic not pathetic, but poeticall prophetic
Now 50 years down the line, we gon' all look back
and say that hip-hop, in 1995 was wack
But then we gots it back on tracks
And by the year of 2000, the T-N-D was housin
Three slammin albums, the face is on the cover of Jet
and chillin like it wasn't no sweat
Production was fat, with lyrics that hit
Had niggaz steady shoutin, "Yo them kids the shit!
Man they new jam be flam, even fatter than the last one
and T-N-D see they'll never pull no fast one
They got skill, pure intellect
Remember back in ninety-eight when they dropped 'Cashin Checks'?
Yo word em up that was the summertime anthem"
I'll be playin checkers, drinkin Geritol and just lampin
Mackin to the biddies at the bingo game
cause even then I ain't gon' show no shame
See I'll be rockin rough in rhymes til I'm 70
In T-N-D we gots mad longevity

[Chorus: with KRS-One sample]

"So 50 years down the line, yeah you can start this.."
.. cause we'll be them old school artists
"50 years down the line.." [cut and scratched repeatedly]

Now 50 years down the line, see I'll be chillin
like it ain't no thing, with little shorties on the swings
talkin bout, "My granddaddy had MAD flow
He got some old school, year two-thousand and ten tapes
when he was rockin the shows, and keepin it true
Takin out your granddaddy and his punk ass crew"
Your kid'll get mad, but Wilt didn't run
But what can you say, it's like father like son
And so I'm maxin in a rockin chair, readin the funnies
Shorties runnin up askin they grandpop for money
So I whip out a wad, and slide the brother some ends
and tell him, "Stay away from danger, strangers and skins"
They say, "Sure," bust a smile real quick
Think that grandpa's dumb, lil' dudes ain't slick
cause I was their age once, and so I know whassup
I remember back then when I ain't wanna grow up
I used to kick it with my crew like twenty-fo'/seven
And Writer's Block rocked and all became legends
in the hip-hop field, now they names is known
The All-Star Durah, Atomic Ganz and Tone
Green Weez, Rashid and The Architects
Never heard of us then, but I was full in effect
We would ? and attack, to bring back the flow
I ain't dreamin I ain't braggin I just know what I know


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