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Alltruisms - Jalopy

Nowadays, every rapper's got a Benz or a Bentley or a Beemer
Or, somethin with chrome and woodgrain and they're runnin away from the cops
And they got the top down with four broads in there, and
And that's cool but uhh
But for the rest of us, y'knahmsayin, this is a song about how we get down

Now if you put thirty thousand miles on it since you bought it
For a thousand bucks and you still think you were defrauded
That's jalopy (jalopy) hip-hop to me (hip-hop to me)
And if goes zero to sixty in sixty seconds flat
And the junkyard says you should pay me to wreck that
That's jalopy (jalopy) hip-hop to me (hip-hop to me)

Yeah I got a ruster beater, with a couple busted speakers
And a gun under the seat cause it needed a working heater
I don't feed a meter, I never intend to do it
Rather let the Department of Revenue Denver boot it
Introducin, my automobile
A great '89 Toyoya Celica, huh, y'all know the deal
I call her Alice, a.k.a. Mario Kart
Or "GOD DAMN IT BITCH! " when she won't start, modern day Dodge Dart
Ford Pinto, hundred thirty thousand miles on her for your info
Duct tape on the window
Promoter wants me to do an out-of-town performance
But won't afford the airplane ticket for it - WHAT?
So I sleep here, it's cheaper than a hotel on the road
Hope to make it but the radiator may blow I don't know
Interstate bound woe to me if my motory totally overheats
Then I gotta take Greyhound!

If you've ever tried drivin with a broken driver's side door
Tied down to a cinder block inside on the floor
That's jalopy (jalopy) hip-hop to me (hip-hop to me)
And if you've ever been pulled over by the police
Who ticketed your whip for uglifyin the streets
That's jalopy (jalopy) hip-hop to me (hip-hop to me)

Now as I drive around with my friends to all ends of town
I see other jalopies with rims spin around
And I think, if I put tits on a boar hog
It'd become a boar hog with tits before long
But it takes so long to turn on out of the gates
That a horse would beat me in a six furlong race
Wrong way on a one-way street
I'm prayin Lord make it start someday PLEASE!
I'm a fine defensive driver 95% of times
But the other 5 has my insurance rates risin higher (sky high)
Tryin to find a buyer, I spread it through the wire
That my ride inspired Kanye West to write "Through the Wire"
(LIAR~!) Don't laugh at me, laugh with me
It can be yours for half a G (450)
You can push the crappiest Japanese expatriate machine
A happy-ass can be pack animal (not exactly)
The muffler huff puffs and spews fluid complaints
And the pigeon shit is the newest layer of paint
Don't hate a player, or the Ice Cube "AmeriKKKA's Most" tape
Stuck inside since '99 (five bucks off for the pliers!)
Months of tryin and I can't get nothin for it
Feds refused to take it off me for a tax deduction
(Thanks) thanks for nothin I'll keep it for damn sure
In Chicago you can't rely on public transport

If you swerve over the curb hittin the one wheel motion
While hookers on the track say "You must be jokin! "
That's jalopy (jalopy) hip-hop to me (hip-hop to me)
And if your ride's ever got in an accident
Cause you fed the piece of shit motor oil mixed with laxative
That's jalopy (jalopy) hip-hop to me (hip-hop to me)

Yeah so I blew the head gasket, but uhh y'knahmsayin I got
I got manual manu maree now
Uhh, you should you should try ghostridin the whip with a clutch
You ever tried that shit? That's that's hyphy, aight
Until you done that, don't talk
And also you can't rap and you need to shut the fuck up about your car
Beacuse nobody cares; learn to write lyrics

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