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Amari - Get Down With Me

feat. Buckshot

I've been clockin' watchin' you everyday
Mr. Right you wear the crown
I wanna know how can I be down (word up)
It's no mystery that you got my attention
Did I mention, baby come around the way
I'm lonely, why don't you come over and play (heeey)
You got a lot to choose from, boy I suggest you use one
I got what you need, satisfaction guarenteed
I don't need money, I just want your company
Can't you please give me a moment just to let you know (yo)

You don't have to worry you can get down with me, oh baby
You know ain't no hurry just as long as your heard my plea
Never have to look concerned baby you need
I gotta whole lotta, love to give, baby let me show you

You got the right one honey (c'mon)
Your body drives me crazy
Dipped rom head to toe, a ? fashion show
Shining so bright your blinding
You ? crazy at driving
Keep turning me on, when the train goes up can I get on
Let's take a ride to a place and lay awake awhile
We can kick it around, express nonstop downtown
No question no parlayin', let's start to lay the ground
I'm ready for the first round just as soon as you down


Steady long steady wrong, you should be a pawn
In the game because you be on
My list for making me move like this, miss
The way you look you know I can't resist
BD get conspicous, let's just get the vision of us up in the jet
Floatin' cause I know your potent baby I bet
You get the vision of the leaky leaky
But I get the vision of the freaky deaky
Let's get down, I'm outta town for a few days
But I'm amazed at the way you make my mind craze
Put it in a phrase, you look good
Quite delicious you might wannaet with this
If I make it my business I gt
Time to waste plus time to taste
If you give it to me lace,Buck wouldn't even trace
Girl I'm on the case, just give me the chance
To get ready to get down you can give me this dance
So play it out what's up

If we get down [x3]


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