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Amber Davis - Sweet Revenge текст песни

feat. Noah Jones

See u starin over here
Lookin kinda fly
U wanna come and talk to me
But I'm here with my guy
Little does he know
I caught him creepin late last night
Damn baby you could be my
Yeah you could be my

Sweet revenge
Not looking for commitment
Let's just play pretend
Don't worry bout my boyfriend
You Just take my hand
To lovers land
Sweet revenge
Baby you could be my sweet revenge

Don't get it twisted boy,
I've never been the type
I gave that man my heart and soul
He was my whole life
He threw it all away when he
Up n cheated
Damn I don't need this
Baby you could be my


He don't have to know about it
This could be our secret
Very necessary baby
That I know you keep it
Cause I still love him
Eventhough I caught him cheating
But I can't let it go
Til the day that I get even



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