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Anacron - Yeah (Still Affiliated)

Curb Servin', Turning rhyme writers into pen-droppers
We been proper, Ana Rok One and Kid Copper (Aocoa)
Gonna Hit top or bottom, Swing and sock flops that're rotten
If we see you we will let you know the beef is not forgotten
So start trotting if you see me first, curse under your breath
Let out your last ounce of bravado if you've got some left
Hip Hop liberals be like "stop the violence", silence
when I want your opinion, I'll give it to you
I'm shit talkin, walkin, no ripping through crews
Stalking and chalking up Wu-wannabees in a pinch like a vulcan death grip
(Yo yo yo) You best protct ya neck, kid
I give daps and love to those that deserve to be respected
Let's hit the corner, then mash to Mad Bar
Where poetic verse spills fluently fluid like Patois
You know that Creole lingo, Niggas bump my singles
because they paint vivid images like Marge did to Ringo..

Star, In the hood living large
G'd Up, still beat up little marks
Hard, What, you thought I wasn't scarred?
I'm still affiliated andslated to pull cards

Damn, this been hittin' for about tray-oh (30) years
Fools act like it's still 1-9-8-0
Thinkin the only way to rock a banging stage show
is recycling those same old lines like "Say Ho!"
That's gay bro, I ain't never said "A-yo..."
to get an "Aaaaaight" response, I simply make those
lyrics that hit to K.O. the brain flow
then take those audiences into pure bliss
fry foes over tracks in front of their homeboys like Ramo
Punch them just for acting scary like Anglos
My high-post swinging is why most fools lay low
Word to the wise: don't quit your daytime J-O-B
Hey no fe's own me, I'm commited to the beats and the gang only
At least until the future I'm a trooper that is gonna claim single
Until I find a female that's a super..

[DJ scratching interlude]

Ya'll trip me out, claiming righteousness
and praising Jah's name, well you might just get
called out, then we'll look and find the bitch
or the nigga inside, see I'm kinda pissed
That you've got on Rasta hats while rocking Ice and shit
Your fake accent is fading, dude, tighten it
How the niggas claim Jamaican and African?
It seems to me they hate being a Black man
The Black man originated right here in the states
When the term Negro changed, right around '68
You hate your own people, and you suffer self-abuse
thinking foreign blacks are better, and Hip Hop's your excuse
to change your style, born between set-trippin' and wildin'
now you're grown up and act like you came from an Island
Negro por favor, as you move forth
you better just remember home is where you first saw the North..

[Hook x2]

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