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Andre Merritt - Homeless текст песни

[Verse 1:]
Acid rain falls clear up out the sky
Feelz like every dropz running through my heart
Lost the starring role up in your life
And now somebody else gets to play the part (part)

I'm tryin
(Tryna find cover)
Cause the rain
(Is comin down hard)
I wanna
(Wanna come home again, gain, gain)

It's like I'm out here on skid road
Destination I don't know
And without you I just don't know where shelter is.
I'm out here fendin for myself
I can't feel you no more
A-lone and cold
Baby I'm homeless
Baby without your love I'm homeless (baby I'm homeless)
Baby without your love I'm homeless

[Verse 2:]
I start looking In and I know why (know why)
Sittin in this car tryin not to cry (cry)
Staring at the place that I called home (ooo)
I wonder if there's anything left inside

[Hook x2]

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