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Andre Nickatina & Equipto - Boss Soss Talk

[Andre Nickatina:]
I'm so extroardinary
Saint John, just like Walter Perry
Pitch my gift like the L.A. Dodgers
Hoes thats fine like you need a Rogers
Talk my slang as I flash my rings
Holla at dames that love my game
Blunt still lit in my new stand swift
My biggie ten nick got a Hennessey fifth
I wake up like Mickey Cohan
Say, "Hey freak", then start the blowin
Wing pulled back like a matador
I might holla at a freak I never seen before, you know

I fly out to San Diego
To la-la-land just to catch the Late Show
Count my bankroll, it's Horns and Halos
My cellphone ringg and it's time to make do'
At T.J. I'ma count my pesos
Lay low like Jose Conseco
Rake hoes as I deliver the facial
Some P's at a pocket they rockin the cradle

[Shag Nasty:]
Shit, we stay crunk man I thought we told ya
Shag is back you ain't seen the poster
But listen to this because this might hold ya
So we can blow cheese on poke-a-doja
'Cause when I'm over, I spit mo' game than the lalilow
Some tricks say, "Ya boy is foul"
But not only do I talk that talk, I walk that walk
And when I speak this is big boss talk

'Cause I'm so extroardinay
Pulling bad things like Halle Barry
All black atire is what I'm wearing
Posing like this just keeps 'em staring
Like, this is big boss talk (listen up)
Listen up baby, this is big boss talk (listen up)
When we rappin this is big boss talk (listen up)
Listen when we speak cause this is big boss talk

[Andre Nickatina:]
Is what my homie got on T.V
Freeway ticket alligation
For the way I pit the accelaration
Change the station, playboy thoughts
I've been thinkin about what a Maybach cost
As I butter the toast, I gotta cook the roast
Mack on your girlfriend and her folks
I don't laugh at none of they corny jokes
Get that butt in the camel clutch
Work both hands like it's double dutch
Light that there then roll that blunt

Yeah, we smoke, that 4-1-fiever
Kick that diva up out the Beamer
Close out cleaners, jeans is creased
Million Dollar mouthpiece, West Coast to East
I'm, rotatin, all in your location
Got your head spinnin like a gold Dayton
No role playing like the weed man
I roll blunts at twice as speed

[Shag Nasty:]
Yeah, and when he rollin 'em, then I'm smokin 'em
And when you see us on stage, then I'm holdin 'em
Two big things plus a microphone
And when the slump kick in, goddamn is on
Show after show, ho after do'
You heard what I said man, "Ho after do'"
That's all I can stand I can't take no mo'
Ain't got no money then the ho gotta go

[Hook x2]

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