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Anttwon Lewis - A New Gurl текст песни

feat. Feddaro

[Chorus: Feddaro]
I need me a girl a special kinda woman style that's so classy that's my kind of woman yeaaa (I need a new girl)is what I'm looking for I'll tell you what I'm looking for I'm looking for a may chick something like a model 24 36 just like a coke bottle with confidence in swagga make me wanna follow her I'm looking for my new girl

[Verse 1: Anttwon Lewis] wake up out my sleep it's time to start another day little did I know it wasn't funna be a normal day I I'm finally sngle and I'm looking for a girl to date I gotta dress fresh cause I funna meet my queen today I'm posted at the lockers seeing shawty's that I aways see new girl to the school and she was just approaching me shawty was fine needed help to get to class I looked up at her face then I looked down at her ass I told her I can take you there walk with me I asked her what her name is she said she baby V she didn't like her full name so we just called her V to bad that the bell rang cause we was having chemestry

[Chorus: Feddaro]

[Verse 2: Anttwon Lewis]
I'm sitting in the class room waiting for the day to end my head is on the desk can't wait to see V again I'm dreamong in my mind how we both just connect got sent down to the principal for druling on my desk he told me calm down you got an album dropping soon and plus you gotta have your grades up before the month june a couple minutes later man the bell had rang time for me to bounce man I did the exact thang I walk up out the office keep my head up to the day saw v up in a distance asked her what she on today she said she funna move to a house by me she said she funna it me up when her time is free

[Chorus: Feddaro]

[Verse 3: Anttwon Lewis]
I got a couple weeks and days before I let my album drop shawty stuck up in my mind because she supa nova hot I gotta make her mine ain't got time to sit and watch I funna go holla cause shawty live acouple blocks hop up in the house dress fresh I'm out take the chain up of my neck take the grill up out my mouth hop inside the whip dressed looking supa fly hope out side the car see V with a smile it's like she already know what I really came to say she whisperd in my ear said today is the day I asked her to be mine she ain't hesitate the yes it was way to easy I ain't even have to stress

[Chorus: Feddaro]

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