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Aphrodelics - Chromatic

feat. Masta Ace

Sittin' on
Sittin' on
Sittin' on

[VERSE 1: Shadee]
The cruise goes on, come along
We drop another megaton bomb and it's on
Vienna international song, put it on
Kept a low profile for a while like a mystery
"Rollin On Chrome", remember me, check the history
Move carefully, I let the streets school me
Got the appetite, giving ladies little babies
Get her pregnant on the backseat of a Mercedes
Bust a condom pumpin INC. CD's
I need more PD's, similar to BG's
Gotta stay alive and fulfill my dreams
Pushin European cars with the illest rims
Chrome tight, that's right, burning gas all night
Opposite of young, but I'm restless
Unlimited access, see me at the Splash! fest
With all area passes, puttin on fat assets

From NYC
To V-i-e
(We get live)
And all you see
It's the Aphro-d
And INC.
(Let em know)
That's who we be
And you know that we

[VERSE 2: Masta Ace]
As we cruise through these blocks like Legos
Rollin big like ( ? ), you know how the day goes
Rockin the rust Timbs in a plush Benz with tough rims
Lookin for cuties with big booties
That wanna learn 'the facts of life' just like Tootie
Run New York like Rudy, I gotta do my duty
To make sure the chrome shine and the whole nine
Before I dial the phone line of a known dime
A nice chick from Central Islip
That likes dick and cruisin around in a nice whip
Bitch pulls up in a blue Benz with new rims
European kit and shittin with two friends
Lookin like thirty cent, me and my nigga Dent
Took em back to the tent and we got bent
Whether Brooklyn or Berlin I swirl in
Pull up in whip and I get your girl in


Hold on
You're now havin a Chromatic experience
Better think about that for a little second, hear me
So just sit back and let it go down

[VERSE 2: Clumz & Shagun]
You better recognize my enterprise, we motorize
Leave suckers with swollen eyes and chickens with open thighs
We rollin wild, chrome rims reflectin the light
Blindin your vision, means need shades in the night
No intermission, it's the mechanism of life
We on a mission, non-stop chasin the mic (that's right)
Take it to the Chrome Zone where we shine and glow
And my niggas in the cypher spittin rhymes and flows
Thai we smoke, plenty shots of Henny with rocks
Givin a toast to all my people that be rollin with us
360 degrees across the seven seas, we floss with melodies
And squash my enemies in all facilities, my squad from V-i-e
Hit the street and got it on lock like felonies
We some rap addicts, y'all don't really want static
Aphros and Masta Ace, we chromatic


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