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Astronomy Class - Done The Sums текст песни

[Verse 1: Urthboy]
As a kid I used to think of how I'd be in 2000
Like if I put the hours in would I be buying houses
How the hell I get away without an internet browser
Thought nothing of what we got at the bowser
Never thought hip-hop would be anything but on the outer
Like when even your supporters are doubters
Award winning but in it for love like Hau is
Nostalgia's a shipwreck with booty to salvage now
School reunions prove we're all human
Some at home a decade later and they're not movin'
and I've travelled the world cause I liked to roam
Always back to Kingsford-Smith because I like my home
On these microphones where we name and we document change
Friends with newborns no longer all that strange
Shit I'm still turning the page, walking the path
Messing round at the back of the class

"Keep On"

[Verse 2: Ozi Batla]
Man we all got expectations, nobody's perfect
I'm trying to rock these final takes before I'm thirty
It's been a decade of mics and loves pubs and gigs
At times I didn't know right from wrong or what to think
My philosophy is live life to the colostomy bag
Or end your days misplaced like some apostrophes have
The write up in a street mag versus the right hand of a friend at the end
Now the bonds are tight, forgot to be fright and was the key to jumping off
With something so high it got your heart pumping
from bass bins thumping in the middle of Enmore road
to Toe Fu strumming in the middle of Mexico
the whole time I had Rok to help me keep it eloquent
Trace Element to Dahltone to Bass Elefant
Man I got here cause a family of mates even if this joint drops in 2008

I done the sums and I done got stung
With each year one step up the rung
Swear I didn't see you but here she comes
There's no regrets that's it its done
I done the sums and I done got stung
With each year one step up the rung
Swear I didn't see you but here she comes
There's no regrets there's more to come

[Verse 3: Hau]
Time keeps on ticking so flicking through the photo album
I'm thinking to myself “how far has Hau come?”
Moved through mountains worked with outcomes both good and bad
Since the first day I layed my hands on a pen and a pad man
I'm sending you back down memory lane, Every pleasure, every pain
from slick outfits to clothes I'd where never again
Now I dress my daughter coincide with the sound
That coincides with the attitude that has newfound lease on life
Some boys have a girl they call a wife
some even have kids 9 to 5 with a mortgage
prioritising's important where I'll buy into when I can afford it
I'm on my way I've already caught it
so you know commitment's in no shortage
Something I thought I'd have by now
but Hau's still living his childhood he's good at the moment
he's only 30 years young dagonnit'
but when I'm ready to get that white picket fence I'm on it

[Chorus x2]


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