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B2K - Hey Little Lady

Ha haaaa uh
Hmmm mmmm
Ya'll gon feel this one... this one fo my ladies,
Uh here we go ya'll.
Hey little Lady please tell me yo name

Yeah, wassup girl, how u feelin? Oh me, I'm alright.
See, I been watching you for a while now
I feel like we should take it to the next level.

See you over there with ya girls chillin, caught my attention.
I was hangin with my fellas, thats when I wanted to approach you,
Get to know you. Baby can I get cha number, catch a readin?,
G-String on yo hip, lookin sexxaaay wit' cha belly ring.
So, I walked over, stepped to you, played it cool and asked, "do you have a boyfriend?"

Hey little Lady, please tell me ya name.
Hey little lady do you have a boyfriend?
Hey little lady can I get to know you, can I call you on ya cellphone,
can you be my girlfriend? (Repeat chorus twice)

Hey lady, so nice to meet you. Tell me something about you.
Is ya Mom's cool? Will she let me go with you and maybe take you to the movies
Baby let me pop the question. Can we get freaky? teach you a lesson.
If you like me we can get nasty, have ya way with me, but first can you be my girl friend?

Repeat Chorus twice

Huh, whhaat, b2K ya'll
Ya'll gon feel this one, come on whaaat
what platinum status on the track come on
Yo bring in the track Chris

It be me F.i. double zz, sittin on many the same age as me.
One friendly dude wit all the girlies. When u walked by I was like , "who is she?"
Rolled by you looked so fly, that's when you caught my eye.
Hey little lady how you? Can I get ta know you? hope you don't mind me spittin at you.
You look cute chillin wit yo crew.
What's yo name, can I holla at you?
So sexy wit yo g-string on, all I wanna know is can we get our freak on?
Hit me on the celly when yo Mom's aint home. it's on.

Repeat Chrous twice

doo doo, doop do-do-do (repeat twice)
uh uh uh uh uh.
Everybody: Hey little lady................. hey little lady can I get to know you

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