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Baby Bash тексты и слова песен

As Days Go By (The Love Letter) (feat. Paula DeAnda)
Baby I'm Back (feat. Akon)
Beast In The Bedroom (feat. Marty James)
Better Than I Can Tell Ya (feat. A-Wax, Richie Rich, Russell Lee)
Body Moves Slow (feat. Krizz Kaliko and Paul Wall)
Bubbalicious (feat. Natalie)
Buttakup (feat. J. Lacy)
Changed My Life
Cyclone (feat. T-Pain)
Dip With You (feat. Aundrea Fimbres of Danity Kane)
Don't Disrespect My Mind (feat. Low G)
Don't Mess With Texas (feat. SPM, Lucky Luciano and Shyykidd)
Don't Stop (feat. Keith Sweat)
Early In The Morning
Fantasy Girl (feat. Marty James)
Feeling Me
Girls Gone Wild (feat. Pitbull & David Rush)
Go Girl (feat. E-40)
Good For My Money (feat. Lloyd)
Head Hunta (feat. Z-Ro and Lucky Luciano)
Hit Me (BBM Me) If You Miss Me (feat. Carlos Carlito Olivera and Printz Board)
Hope I Don't Violate (feat. Jay Tee)
Image Of Pimp
Just Like That
Kick Rocks (feat. MickaГ«l)
Mamacita (feat. Marcos Hernandez)
Mean Mug (feat. Pimp C, Mistah F.A.B. & Da Stooie Bros.)
Menage A Trois (feat. Mr. Shadow, Don Cisco, Frankie J)
Million Dollar Mexican
Na Na (The Yummy Song) (feat. Jean)
No Way Jose
Numero Uno
Oh Wow
On Tha Curb
On The Cool (feat. DJ Kane, Drew)
Outro (feat. Butch Cassidy, Don Cisco, Nino Brown, Russell Lee, Mr. Kee)
Outta Control (feat. Pitbull)
Quarterback (feat. Mr. Kee)
Roller Coaster Ride (feat. O.C. and King Solo)
Sexy Eyes
Sexy Eyes (Da Da Da Da)
Short Skirts (feat. South Park Mexican)
Shorty Doowop
Slide Over (feat. Miguel)
Spreewells Spinnin' (feat. Chingo Bling and Lucky)
Spreewells Spinnin' (Remix) (feat. Chingo Bling, Lucky Luciano, Queenie)
Step In Da Club
Suga Suga (feat. Frankie J)
Suga Suga (Remix)
Supa Chic (feat. Paula DeAnda)
Super Saucy (feat. Avant)
Swanananana (feat. Slim Thug, Stooi Bros. and MickaГ«l)
Tha Chop (feat. Awax, Jay Tee)
That's How I Go (feat. Mario)
That's My Lady (Money) (feat. Nate Dogg)
That's What Tha Pimpin's There For (feat. Suga Free, Money Mike & Chingo Bling)
The Thrill Is Gone (feat. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic)
Throwed Off
Trees (feat. Pitbull & Angel Dust)
Weed Hand
What Is It (feat. Sean Kingston)
Who Wanna Creep
Who Wit' Me?
Yeh Suh!

Совместные работы

Chingo Bling - What Did He Said (Remix) (feat. Baby Bash, Fade Dogg)
Clika One - Chevy Music (feat. Baby Bash, Don Cisco)
Doll-E Girl & Mister One - Do It Daddy (feat. Baby Bash, Don Cisco)
Far East Movement - You've Got A Friend (feat. Lil Rob and Baby Bash)
Frankie J - Obsession (No Es Amor) (feat. Baby Bash)
Frankie J - Suga Suga (feat. Baby Bash)
Frost - Baby Girl (feat. Mr Sancho & Baby Bash)
Grimm - Money (feat. Baby Bash, Lucky Luciano, Kia)
Jesse Mccartney - Leavin' (Remix) (feat. Baby Bash)
Kristen Mari - N My Shoes (feat. Baby Bash)
Lil Rob - Get Your Feria (feat. Baby Bash)
Major James - Saturday (feat. Baby Bash)
Mario Vazquez - Gallery Remix (feat. Baby Bash)
Mickael - Rollercoaster (feat. Baby Bash)
Mr. Lil One - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (feat. Baby Bash, Don Cisco)
Natalie - Energy (feat. Baby Bash)
Nb Ridaz - Hey Lil Mama (feat. Baby Bash)
Nino Brown - Eye Candy (feat. Baby Bash)
One Block Radius - You Got Me Remix (feat. Fabolous & Baby Bash)
Paul Wall - Lemon Drop (feat. Baby Bash)
Paula Deanda - Doing Too Much (feat. Baby Bash)
Paula Deanda - Lo Que Hago Por Tu Amor (feat. Baby Bash)
Savage - Wild Out (Choo Oho Oo) (feat. Baby Bash and Angel Dust)
South Park Mexican - Dope House Family (feat. Juan Gotti, Baby Bash, Coast, Lucky Luciano, ...)
South Park Mexican - Hoggin' And Doggin' (feat. Baby Bash, Lucky Luciano, Low-G, & Carolyn Rodriguez)
South Park Mexican - In Hillwood (feat. Baby Bash, Ice, & Carolyn Rodriguez)
South Park Mexican - Something About Mary (feat. Baby Bash)

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