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Bow Wow - Anything You Can Do

It's Lil Bow Wow talking man you know what I'm sayin
Man bow wow you know you ain't nothing without the ghost riders man for real
I been in the club long before you been going in the club you know what I'm saying
I was walking in the club with JD at 10 years old you know what I'm saying
Sitting on couches, man I been doing this what you talkin bout
You a new jack

[Verse 1:]
Hold up jow wow, bow wow, Mr. 21
Did 5 movies and none of em amount to my 1
Like Mike did it right, Lil Bow's pay day
And by the way, homie you ain't nothing without JD
And all the fans with me
They say that I was better
And you far from a flirt how you messing with Ciara
Then you cut your hair off, that's when you fell off
Man say your album go to platinum that's when you cooled off
Disrespectin the Bow Wow legacy
You got the nerve on this song to say you better than me
Man I rep Columbus, you rep the A Town
I got more street cred, I ran with the Dog Pound

Anything you can do, I can do better
Man we go out with the old
Homie you can't deny
I'm saying
Anything you can do, I can do better
Ain't talkin bout nothing, the whole world agree
You can't do it like me (x6)
You can try all day but you can't do it like me

[Verse 2:]
It's time to put the kids to bed
The ending of an era
The playtime is over
I'm older but I'm better
I'm bigger and better
More swagger, you mad cause
You met Ciara first homie but you couldn't bag her
You said you were a dog, but see you was just a puppy
You say you getting paid but you can't spend none your money
Ha, that's funny, I'm in the back of that 'bach
And you know I got nobody writin my raps
So fall back little kid, you ain't Fresh Azimiz
I'm in my bachelor pad, you up in your mamas crib
Matter of fact, how you pop up after all of these years
I know Jermaine ain't here so here man, he put you up to this?


[Verse 3:]
Now first you rappin like TIP then you rappin like Wayne
Get your own little style, homie, stay in your lane
You see me switchin 4 lanes, paint drippin like rain
I ain't tipping, I ain't wayne, don't trip you know the name
Still So So Def, Mickey Mouse around my neck
Crying out on television how you don't get no respect
I rock a Dog Paw Chain repping L B W Gang
I ain't never shed a tear, I got no fear I feel no pain
Need to hop up on your cash quick rats to the action
First time out I went 3 times platinum
I'm talking 1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 4
That's 4 years on the runway on a major cd tour
Mr. 106 and Park, yep my money keep stacking
Ain't nobody know who you is if that had never happened
I'm the B O W W O W, see what it is nevermind what it was
Roll up in the game, sold up and it's all grown up, lil bow we won


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