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Bow Wow - Big Bank

feat. Swizz Beatz

Ey swizz, I hope they got they bread right!
I know you got yours I got mine

Big bank take lil bank (lil bank)
Big bank take lil bank (lil bank)
Big bank take lil bank (lil bank)
Big bank take lil bank (lil bank)
What it is
We go getting it poppin
This is the standard option
She know we be on top
Which is why we be the hottest
The gang of ladies they know we true

Let me get em
They call me big bank bow
Don't forget the wow
I make em say wow
I make em say how
But I ain't gon tell ya
Cause id rather show ya
And I be with my riders
Like I am a chauffeur
I'm a rider myself
Now ain't u proud of my wealth?
Oh yeah I'm fly like I'm sitting in a cloud?
Now call me young swag
My piggy bank fine
I'm sitting in a hall license plates say mine
Money real talk
And my money ain't nine
Had a bank teller tell ya that I ain't liein
And I don't hate flying
So I bought me a jet
You say you fly but you ain't bought one yet
What the hell you waiting on
Put them Gary Patins on
A pair of good gears
It's been a good year
Money so o
But the boy so young
And buurr goes the sound of my money machine gun


They call me Lamborghini moss
Now I'm driving reckless
You call that shit a house
I call that shit a necklace
Forget what you heard
Forget what you was told
Money stung 5 g's
Now my bank gone swole
I'm addicted to the money
Why your money looking funny
Make is rain just like Jesus
I don't throw ones?
I make it back cause that ain't nothing
Tell em I'm a shake something
And the ice keep me cold
But I'm hot like an oven
Yo champ returned the call
Fools wanna holla at me
Top 100 richest youngest men
They gotta have me
Boy got mo whips than a runaway slave
Mr mirror tell me something
I be balling like the Lakers
Help you niggas get ya cake up
And my diamonds shine bright
Like the lights in Las Vegas
I be dipping Bentley grippin
Everyday I ball
If you got your money with ya
We gon play a lil game, it's called


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