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Bow Wow - Cuff Yo Chick

feat. Fabolous & Snoop Dogg

You better cuff yo chick
When you see us out nigga
You better cuff yo chick
You better keep her close to ya
You better cuff yo chick
You better grab her tight cause you know we got millions for real

[Bow Wow:]
You better cuff her like a cop
Every time you see bow wow wow wow come around
She love my swag
And she already know how a young nigga puts it down
She said she want a baller, not a bench warmer
You ain't even in the game yet
Can't keep yo broad, you so lame, damn where yo GAME at
And if we in the club you better cuff yo girl super tight
Cause it just might be your girl who end up in my room tonight
Big pimpin, no simpin, you know just how I does it
Take yo girl, in front of you, and you ain't gone do nothin
She want me to take her home, she blowin up my phone
Even got, "you can get it all" on her ringtone
You girl so out of pocket, you know that she be boppin
She know we ballin, so she wants to ride my Houston rocket


Mr. Officer, Mr. Officer
Would you please take them handcuffs off of her
Cause there's so many things I could offer her
Tell her "dead that" and I got the coffin bra
I'm sorry for your lose it must be awful huh
My money tall, yours is like a dwarf so uh
We kick it, I'm down like it's 4th and uh
I think she wanna give me head, how thoughtful huh
You see me in new york, see me in LA
See me in miami, see me in the A
Might see me in houston, or see me in the bay
But it's gonna be hard to see me with that nigga in the way


[Snoop Dogg:]
No it ain't drizzy, it's ya boy em dolla
No I ain't rich, but cuff yo chick by the collar
Cause if a little nigga like me tryna holla
Then I gaurentee ya'll breakin up tomorrow.
I know she your everything, I just feed her protine
Beat it in the bed sheets, and put her in a deep sleep
And when she wake up she always askin for a repeat
I know she rep the "A" but I put her on my B-team
I ain't gonna sell a dream, but the last girl I sold D
I had her relapsin like a fiene
Nino Brown type, what she want in her life
Is a nigga like me layin pipe, you better cuff yo chick


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