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Bow Wow - Go Harder

Here we go

[Verse 1:]
Big money just entered the room
Louis V. shades bitch check out my cool (fresh)
Yeah, even back in grade school
I was the most popular so damn tight
And all the bullshits and politics that come with the game
Old ass executives don't know a thing
About the music I make
Haters don't know how much work it takes
Yeah, to be the best
I guess I gotta work harder
Outwork Mr. Carter
And you can call me Mr. I'm a Go Harder
Shittin' on these niggas givin' facials to their daughters
They're tryin' to count me out they full of doubt
I'm sittin' at the top bitch I might need an extra couch
Yeah, I'm 'bout to shake the game up
Before you talk to me play pitcher and get you change up
To my haters, you can suck a dick shovel shit
I'm a piss 'em off even more know why

Cause I'm a
Go Harder
Go Harder
Go Harder
Go Harder
Yeah, and when you think you ain't nothin'
Don't let them haters get to you say I'm a be somethin'
And I'm a
Go Harder
Go Harder
Go Harder
Go Harder

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, now talk a walk in my shoes
Do you see what I see do you see my fuse
Yeah, I like to smoke a lil' weed
Lots of tattoos who are they to judge me
I'm only twenty two but looks like I done it all
But I got so much to prove but yet so much to lose
Cause this is my destiny
Be damned if I let a bitch nigga get the best of me
I swear I'm so determined
Money longer than your pastor's sermen
And I'm hot like when you leave that perm in
Don't play with my money boy you heard what big worm said
And I was built Ford tough
It ain't nothin' that you can say that gonna break or bust
My spirit, my pride, my high
Do I think I'm the best thing out motherfucker shawty ride


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