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Bow Wow - Like This

feat. Dondria & Johnta Austin

[Intro: Bow Wow]
Haha, listen
You know I do it for the ladies
Lambourghini Moss *vrooom*
And uh see,
I done had my share with the right but um...
Look there's something about you baby
Got me going crazy
And that's my lady, yeahhh, Haha

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
Look, it's like this girl got me going all out
I got a few sick days, yeah I'm a call out
Scoop shorty, hit the mall, then we ball out
Catch a movie, grab a bite, then fall out
I got her spoiled rotten
She keep a dog droppin'
The latest wear she rockin'
Gotta get tour poppin' (fresh)
It was more shockin'
Them hores at the door knocking
And word for a second my g shock went
She in them pumps, not them reeboks kid
The only time we fight is on the wii boxin'
I don't even keep up with how many g's I spend
Usually I keep a safe but the key locked in
But she a new type, maybe a new wife,
Maybe the one I settle with in a new life
I gotta see, it's moving fast right now
I needa have a conversation with Shad and Bow Wow
Cause ahhh...

I had a few loves before,
But I never had no one love me quite like this
I was scared of being locked down,
But you made proud to call you my shorty

I had a few loves before,
But I never had no one love me quite like
It feels like I died and went to heaven
Cause I never had no one love me like this

Like wha?
[Bow Wow:]
Like this...
Like wha?
[Bow Wow:]
Like dadadada like this girl

[Verse 2:]
I guess I'm kinda open
Just sitting here hoping that what we shared is more than a joke and...
We can last like the great ones do,
As long as our love for eachother stays true
I see the growth, we done both came a long way
Arguments here and there,
Fuss and fightin'
Just showing that we care
Can't nobody else compare
Start it over with another, neither one of us were there
All she gotta do is holla and her baby will be there
Ain't a doubt about it in my mind that we a perfect pair
Can't think of anyone, that's how I wanna spend my years
Try my hardest not to hurt her,
Hate to bring her to them tears
And I know just how it feel when I whisper in her ear
No, I let her drive a stick,
She know how to work dem gears
Ain't gotta worry 'bout the chicks I meet during my career
Me going somewhere should be the last of her fears


She's my L-O-V-E
Used to be scare dof relationships but this one I can't deny
You my L-O-V-E
Yeah, and when you see her, you see me for her
I ride or die like Ruff Ryders


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