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Chamillionaire - Pot Of Gold

feat. Game

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
All this bright light is not for me
I close my eyes and imagine I'm home
I miss the days when life was simple
But if I never try to follow that rainbow
In search for the pot of gold
Oh, oh, oh
In search for the pot of gold

From the beginning we was winning said you'd never change
Real recognise me you lookin hella strange
Gotta ego at the moment you lit up in flames
Mother nature made it rain and I forgot to tell her thanks
Left all the suits back in manhatten but I don't regret it
I know I got that dope just tryin not to oversell it
This is a message from the future hoe I know your jealous
The maker of my car the only one I know could spell it
Uh, hold that, food for thought and I'm so fat
They listen to the track and not the words like a show dat
A cold world sorry if you didn't snow dat
Haters can get to steppin I should put that on the floor mat


There's a mother out there right now
About to have the next lebron
Searching for a pot of gold like a leprahcaun
They say death comes in three, two next in line,
And I just lost a best friend for the second time.
Now I'm on the quest to find peace,
Still gotta carry my piece and su-woo when it's reppin time
You don't understand, I'm misunderstood,
Give interscope two more albums then I'm done for good.
Sold ten million records ain't leave the hood,
It's a cold world, everybody in the hood
And everybody doing time, stay head strong,
You still got a chance to live even though you dead wrong


It's crazy everyone that told me that I wouldn't make it
Estimations that didn't end how they anticapated
Such a bother I'm in the barber shop and gettin faded
I'm just listenin while you tell me how we is related
If I had a nickel (what), for every person that was jaded
I would leave it all for my son and tell my kid to save it
I grew up didn't have a nickel so the kid was hated
But I bet that I had a pistol that was nickel plated
Couldn't point you to a vagina I know that isn't tainted
Getcha g's and g spot is something different ain't it
I'm in love with the life I live I wouldn't switch or trade it
Your the reason the area around my crib is gated


Sometimes I try to do good,
But I just can't be!
It's hard to get myself to do things that ain't me
You all should thank me,
But my haters really trying to send me home early,
But you can't lora saint me
I ain't a saint b I ain't Gaga,
I ain't an angel neither but I try hard ya'll
I'm light enough for my soldiers at war,
I sit back and watch the ashes on my Sedan fall.
Wayne just come home and tip back on yard dawg
Guess soohops ain't the only ones playin hardball


[Chris Brow:]
Oh, see the thing about all of us,
We never know just what we find


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