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Charlie Row Campo - Brought Down

feat. Skandle Oso, Baby Jokes, & Chino Grande

[Mr. Fiesty:]
If I die tonight will you ride for me
Would the ones I really care about cry for me
Would my sons have begun a better life than me
Or will they have a better one livin life without me
Dear Lord Tell me will I rest in the peace of the clouds
Or will I be sent to the depths of hell
See I'm tryna live a better way
Just to get a better day &
Amazed if I'm still sittin in your grace
I chose my roads to forgone just to turn back
My dogs gone off with a nerve, When I heard that
My first reaction was to kill them with the first attack
Disperse a load of valas of the chamber till they turn black
I'm a admit it, I'm a menace to these fuckin streets
The kinda muthafucka who only wanted was a memory
I treated life like I spitted out aggresively
The process of the haunted flippin out of all my enemies

[Chorus: x2]
Brought Down A Thousand Times
The Only Sound In My Mind Is A Thousand Rhymes
And If I Die Tonight Will You Ride For Me
Will The Ones I Really Care About Cry For Me

[Baby Jokes:]
I live my life in the fuckin L.A. gang times
And I die best believe I'm a burn bright
My life is lethal, I'm flying with the segals
And when I'm gone, don't need no fuckin jingles
I need my killas, my fuckin pandilleros
All from them brown bullet riding deros
I'm asking God to give me my delay
And When I'm gone, guna blow a few brains

[Skandle Oso:]
Well it's that campo kumin through & got them murderous men
And getting visits in the pen
And evil lurks from within
I got a grin upon my face
But don't go takin it lightly
Baby Jokes & Chino Grande, Minor, Jasper, & Fiesty
Bouts to snatch up in this game like muthafukas are hiesty
Steaily Row just like a methaphetamine goal
I let it be known, you need to stay the fuck out my zone
I'm off in the room, I got these wicked thoughts in my dome

[Chorus x2]

[Chino Grande:]
I close my eyes for a second & I picture appear black
Could it be our destiny was meant to be like that
Cause it unravels like a novel, I'm running short out of breath
I'm runnin through my own thoughts & I don't see nothin less
They despise of how I feel
I'll be back on impeal
Cuffed & shackled, these ass holes just wish I was killed
Got esto 42 & now they givin me life
So how he fuck would you fell cause that shit ain't right
Plus my kids & my wife, what happened to 3 strikes
No time to strategize, I hear my jefa's cries
My jefa screams, I wish it was one of my dreams
So fuck the judge & the d.a. for pridin on me
I hear these 4 accusations like the son is satan
And these snitch ass vatos givin up information
God dammit I guess now I sit here lonely
The cuervos, the last times is fading so slowly

[Chorus x2]

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