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Chris Brown

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Chris Brown - Crazy

David Banner
Let's go [?]

Were the bar at
Tell me were the bar at
Bout to buy the whole club
Were my credit card at
Money flying in the nigga
Were I stared I'm just compin up in herar
Damn it like a adunice
And she bring all her friends
I be your seesaw
She bout to act a ass
Got a stupid monkey fatter then king kong
Like a pistal on you
Take it all haha
You goin need a abalance
After you get donw with this hammer in my pants
Make em stad up watch it dance
All mouth
No hands

I tryed to tell u niggas
I'm the greates
Wat u bitch made
Shows crockadile
Fuck gaters
Ain't no need to talk
Nigga pay us
I'm bout to go go go go
Go go
That nigga just crazy!
Go go
I'm bout to go go go go
Go go
That nigga just crazy!

Look how damn I live her, then I got the shivers,
My friend got the bomb [?] all I need is liquor!
And there she got their butt thicker than the [?]
And [?] so I pop her like a blister!
I know you think I'm losing it but why you're speed bowling?
Nigger I am [?] nigger we're bowling!
And when I go to sleep, my tattoos come to life,
All is in your head, out of mind, out of sight!
This is why they call me freezy, baby, cold as ice
But don't make me paint your portrait, rearrange your life!
I'm a [?] they [?] at nights,
I'm the shit, nigger and gotta say it twice
Tony the tiger, come Tony!
Cause everything is great, was she tricking on me!
Boy I ain't no [?] I am from Virginia,
[?] nigger let go, man they can't get rid of us?


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