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Chris Webby - Bulletproof

feat. Joell Ortiz

I'm bulletproof fully equipt hevlars skeleton slaughter rap veteran steppin to get ahead of him I'm deadly as ever when I'm severin the heads of any competitors steppin in and only showin if they let weapons in. Call me spaartacus I'm swingin for the fences with a bullet proof flow and a razor sharp sentence say it cause I meant it copy paste edit rap sheet long as the lord of the rings credits. I have said it when I said it and shread up all these pathetic excuses for hip hopper it's over as soon as I get it. Poison dark frog venom rap deadly in a Nissan Honda Chevy is Joel Ortiz and webby, And this time around there not ready cause I got my wanted level up like Tommy Veseti. No vice city, but I'll show u quite quickly what it's like to look up at the lights if u fight with me...
Hevlar wid it so don't start wid it
You-You-You- You couldn't hit me with a hollow tip even if u graduated with a sniper scholarship ignolige it and fuck the politics cause if they ain't repectin my conglomerate than I'm a hit em with a soccer kick. This ain't the world cup I got em worked up the mutant ninja rappers back bitch it's surfs up cleats on care to earth up you heard yup I cop trees and serve plus than breakit down and I burn up. Then burn down no way you stop me them beatin me is likely as seein a jewish nazi so I leave em sleepin with the fishes like they lou cabratzi cause I love the fuckin game matter of fact I think that Cuban shot me... Damn... juice and taki in my cup now who can touch this the haters sayin that there better must be justicecuz I ruggedly make love to beat no condom when I bust it than I post it up on youtube and twitter just for the plubic

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