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Chris Webby - Contradictory To Grown Ups

First of all, shout to Chiddy Bang yo.
But it's Webby and I still be Off The Chain.
So I'll get your girl and do what you seeing on Bang Bros.
Stacking You Tube, hits like a double rainbow
So fresh, got a Old Spice old feel
Tryna stay on course like a roadskill
They wanna know how I be killin' it with no deal
And got the game mapped out, Michael Scofield.
No prison break, get up here and renovate
Every venue that I'm hittin' up in every state
Twist a zig-zag then I levitate
Webby been bad, professor Snake
I'm like Manny Pacquiao times four
Hypen up the crowd when I'm out on tour
I need a dollar like I told you before
So I could cop an Arnold Palmer when I'm hittin' the store
Encore, I used to pop pills, always puffin' bud
I think I'm still rollin', Team Pup N' Suds
Now I'm going big time and I'm lovin' this
When I step in, dudes better cuff your chicks
I don't speak game, I say a couple words
Next thing you know we're both under the confident
In the comfort of my hotel suite
Having sloppy drunk sex and forgettin' by next week
I'm a beazel, reppin' Connecticut like a husky
CT swag, everybody here loves me
Got a stainless steel flow, never spit it rusty, (nah)
Running shit like Nucky, trust me
Name buzzin' all over the fuckin' country
Shout to my ninjas and everybody who bumps me
So just feed me beats, I got the munchies
Nothing better than an instrumental when I'm hungry
The illest thing that ever hit pro tools, I'm 1-51
They just O'Doules, live by no rules
No one's stoppin' me, they say Webby rocks
Geology, even haters gotta bump my shit
So what, thanks for the You Tube hits you dumb bitch
Put me in the mix, I'm a be the last spittin'
I'm a tiger, y'all domesticated cat, kitten
You'll get smacked kitten, left there with your cash missin'
It's a fact, listen, I'll be on a track rippin'
Haters crack jokes, I just laugh with 'em
And get loud, like Waka Flocka ad-libing
Spit venom out, every time I rap rhythms
Webby's the deadliest catch, I'm goin' crab fishin'
Teachin' hip-hop 101, so take notes
Bring it back, mo'fucker I'm done

Yeah, Webby, murdering shit
It's what I do, you now
Let's go!

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