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Chris Webby - Cuz I'm drunk

feat. Mic Galper

Ahem, yeah

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
I get rowdy, rough, drunk, excited and amped
On the table all night, I'm the beer pong champ (what)
Drink until my motherf*ckin' liver gets cramps
And I've lost everything within the pockets of my pants
Like, "Sh*t where's my phone? Keys?
Sh*t, who has my wallet?"
"Dude, you probably lost it, you stupid alcoholic."
Ha, f*ck you b*tch, I weigh 160
So it only takes a few shots to get myself tipsy (yeah)
A few more then I'm drunk, then I move on to wasted
Then black out, find me passed out on the pavement
Slurring every statement, vision getting blurry
Sippin' 40's from four-forty to two-thirty
I'm dirty, plus I ball like Michael
Get wasted like plastic that isn't recycled (oh sh*t)
I'm too fly, rhymin' it nice
So drunk I could get a DUI on a bike
Mix up the lime with a little coconut
Takin' shots outta half-filled solo cups
Get smashed like dropped pottery
Probably couldn't walk a straight line
If I had a f*ckin' cop watchin' me
Walkin' into sh*t like I couldn't avoid it
Just lookin' for a girl, tryna' make some poor choices
But whether I get laid or end up in a brawl
I just blame it on the a-a-alcohol.

Cuz I'm drunk
So do not play around with me
Cuz I'm drunk
Somebody take away my keys
Cuz I'm drunk
Sh*t I can barely even see
I think it's time to make some bad decisions
Cuz I'm drunk

[Verse 2: Mic Galper]
Hey yo
I come through already blunted like flip cup, who want it?
Put twenty on the table son, I'm about to make a hundred
You can make it rain but I'm 'bout to make it sunny
That means I keep my money, buddy I'm not a dummy
"Day and Night" it's the kid, lookin' for some CuDi
Got my homie Chris Webby to make sure she ain't chubby
'Cause I drank a lot of bubbly, in the living room stumblin'
Everybody lookin' lovely but I came here for the pussy
I love to start beef son I can't control it
Might wake up with missin' teeth like The Hangover
I might wake up with a naked slut from Angola
I don't know bro, I'm just saying I ain't stayin' sober
So move over for this fat b*tch
Puts roofies in my cola.
Cool, that's what I wanted
Wrestling sumo with polar
Bear, beware when it's time to go upstairs
F*ck a Trojan, got socks
Make sure you wear a pair


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