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Chris Webby - Down right

Yea, yea. Cause we came to get down right. Yea, yea, yea (clears throat)

Cause we came to get down right, yea
Eyes low from the weed we roll and I'm in my zone
Cause we came to get down right, yea
Ride slow, with the bass up mo', till the speakers blow
Cause we came to get down right
Damn right, sloppy sloppy drunk
And we came to get down right
Damn right, green up in my blunt
This what it sounds like (x2)
I don't know about you, but I came to get down right

[Verse 1]
Three below, cold on the scene when I freak the flow
Full zip lock, got the weed to roll, thick chick with the double d's leaving o-
Ver my center console in my vehicle, unzip my pants, give my jeans a pull
And even though, I put a little MDMA in your mom's martini (she ain't even know it)
We back to rip it, I'm classic, it's past terrific
I'm smashing these whack rappers, and clash with critics
At the same time, I'm rolling up grass and hit it, and drinking liquor till they telling me I'm past the limit
I'm half smashed and half baked, with accur-ate, flow that's so damn hot I'll evaporate
Let me elaborate, I'm with your chick in the back on my lap doing things that her dad would hate, so get


[Verse 2]
Webby up next, success on the front steps
Ticking time bomb, someone dial up Funk Flex
Time to set me off bitch, none left when the dust sets
Got em upset, that I do it this big, white kid that'll never give a fuck less
That'll never pass a drug test, cause I came to get down right man, why you up left?
Hutt one, hutt two, let it go yo, Tony Romo with a bag full of homegrown
And my hat down so low, you can't even tell it's me up in the mother fucking photos, yo (yo)
Tell them wait a minute, when I'm waking up fully faded with a naked chick it's
My memory, and uhh, I forgot your name, what is it?
(Are you kidding?) Sorry girl that's the way I'm livin, so get


(Piano solo played by Remo the Hitmaker)
This is what is sounds like (x3)


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