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Chris Webby - Hip Hop

feat. Bekay

[Verse One: Bekay]
Bekay Y
Check it out, check it out yo
The music shit used to be makin' my day
Yeah your dream is ya dream till they take it away
Fuck makin' mistakes, I'm makin' a fan
Makin' a fuckin' army while you makin' a band
And you could try to desecrate but I'm takin' a stand
On top of Ground Zero with a shank in my hand
And my peeps screamin' out "Fuck this crap! "
I been gave everything I had to this, please give me somethin' back
All your whips and ice, who the hell knows
I'm more happy with some rope chains and some shell toes
I paint pictures, sculptures
A&R's is a bunch of fuckin' vultures, you ruinin' my culture
So while you make your check, pumpin' bullshit
I spit that real shit that could break ya neck
I'm real hip hop to the death of me
I mean for you this shit is a hobby, but for us it's a destiny

[Chorus: Chris Webby]
This is hip hop
I live it I breathe it I walk it I talk it I crave it I need it
Jot lyrics nonstop every day and night
I'd sell my soul for it, name the price
Stay focused, I know that my aim is right
For that one fuckin' shot I would trade my life
Getting' closer to the edge with every page I write
For that one opportunity to blaze the mic

[Verse 2: Chris Webby]
Rap is my life, always stayin' strapped with a mic
Representin' for all the cats that are actually nice
Which is few, trust son, most of them are fake
Rockin' so many chains they're getting' scoliosis from the weight
Doin' shows and gettin' paid and it's a fact that they suck
Could get tutored by Pac? Still wouldn't be nasty as us
But these the same muthafuckas who be stackin' the bucks
While stuck here in CT like fuck, crack a dutch and it's such
These whack ass rappers think they're tough
With preschool vocab and a whole lotta luck
I'm determined that I can't lose
Take a lead pipe to Soulja Boy's legs, fuck your dance moves
We've been told we got the talent, the devotion and charisma
We just need an opportunity to prove we can deliver
This hip hop and I'm dying to live it (I live this)
And will do every fuckin' thing in my power to get it


[Verse 3: Chris Webby]
Hip hop, live it breathe it walk it talk it crave it need it
Never lose focus, or get defeated
Keep talkin' that shit, go and get me heated
But I'm rappin', writin', scrappin', fightin', spittin', rippin'
Mic ignitin', hold my spot down, stand tall like a titan
And stay strikin' you muthafuckas like lightnin' rah

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