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Chris Webby - I Love College (Remix)

(I ain't goin' out like a sucka, no way)


Hah, it's Chris Webby, yeah
Asher Roth ain't the only college boy on this rappin' shit
And I love college too, shit, ha

That party last night was awful nuts bro, wish I remembered
But I took a Xanny and shots of SoCo so it's whatever
Roll my blunts and pop my E, now chug that 40 just like me
Pass out at 6, wake up at 3, then do it again tonight drinks on me

Man, I love college

[Verse 1:]
I love college even more than Asher
Different chick every other night, come home plastered (Ha!)
Somehow pass class and twist blunts after
I'm Hofstra's top dog and home-court rapper (Yessss)
Fitted pointed backwards, spittin' that fire (Fire)
The shit on campus bitch, ask Van Wilder (Wilder)
Don't need a reminder to party every day (Nah)
'Cause I'm an alcoholic I'll remember anyway
I've been drunk since 12, motherfuck a drinkin' age
Walk into the liquor store pull my wallet out to pay (like, what?)
Clerk tellin' me I'm not who I say I be
Even though it says I'm Spanish on my fake ID, gee.


[Verse 2:]
They say drugs make you dumb but I don't think they do
Last semester, I pulled a fuckin' 3.2 (what, bitch)
When I wake up's the only time I'm sober enough
To do homework unless I'm hung over as fuck
But still there ain't a teacher that can hold me (Nah)
Go to class blunted lookin somethin' like Spicoli
Or I'll just pull a Ferris Bueller skip the whole day
I'm just here for the partyin' I hope that's okay (Okay)
But there's no way I'll stop because this sophomore's a monsta
Even though I'll end up doin' six years at Hofstra
Sit back, sippin' on my beer with the mic
Knowing these are gonna be the best years of my life, right?


[Verse 3:]
I'm a flip cup phenomenon, beer pong pro (whoa)
Hit all ten in a row with my fuckin' eyes closed
A little bend of the knees and a flick of the wrist
Have you chuggin' every second while I'm sippin' my shit
Dutch Master always full of some ridiculous piff (hitttttt)
That got me twisted like a licorice stick, listen to this (coughhhh)
My time is never wasted, cause I'm always wasted
I fuckin' love college, that's all I can say kid (Yup)


Man, I love college
Keg parties, sorority bitches, all my homies,
Why the fuck would I ever leave, man? I love college
This where I'm a be at
They're gonna have to drag my ass the fuck out of here, man

It's Chris Webby

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