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Chris Webby - I'm Gone

There's a lot of people talking to me, I don't hear nothin'
Pop a pill now I'm rollin', all I hear is the percussion
I'm gone [x5]
Driftin' to another world, losing touch with gravity
Losing touch with everything, even my own reality
I'm gone [x7]

[Verse 1:]
Got my unusual pharmaceuticals, everyone is edible
Barely sensible, but I'm feeling fuckin' incredible
Like Bruce Banner changin' the standard of being lifted
Got another duchie twisted the size of a fuckin' midget
I rhyme and they fuckin with' it
So why would I fuckin' quit it
So I'll tap my blunt ashes on these liars and fuckin' critics
Designed to just be a menace
Let me pop a pill and witness me defy the laws of physics
Tell Newton I really did it
No losing so let me get it
Maneuvering with the quickness
I'm the reason that my local pharmacy is still in business
I'm the illest like I stepped out the clinic with bad news
Now they see me as more than just a gimmick with tattoos
They hatin' then fuck you, and fuck it yo where's my medicine?
I think I got another doctor's appointment to pencil in
Almost out of Adderall, pop another Ambien
Buckled in on whatever shuttle they try to land me in


[Verse 2:]
I'll be poppin' G-ladies until I'm at least eighty
Unable to see straightly wherever the E takes me
I'm there, poppin' stars until I'm rollin' insane
Even if the doctor says I'll get a hole in my brain
I got that mental novacaine, palms sweaty, it's aight though
Molly and some acid tabs, yep! That is the right dose
I'm bad news, you want different? Then go to Geico
A drug induced animal posted up with the lights low
Brim to my eyebrows, higher than the sky's clouds
I'm Mike Vick, and bitches refusing to lie down
Greater than Alexander, searching for my crown
Ounces don't do it no more, I gotta buy pounds
Break it down - then I roll it up quick and I light that shit
Ain't nobody messin' with the flow now, betta slow down, you ain't rippin' mics like this
You don't live a life like this, so go and shut your lips
And pass the fuckin' joint man, I need another hit



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