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Chris Webby - No regrets

[Verse 1]
I'm the monster out of Cloverfield, so for real
F*cked up, I don't even know how sober feels
Smother Asher Paul Roth with a fabric wash cloth
That I previously used to wash my ass and balls off
I'm just a dope rapper, in class chasin' a math teacher
With a protractor then copy the notes after
So hot you'll think that I freakin' sleep on a burner
Want beef? I'll force feed a vegan a burger
Slaughter on the mic, I don't need a reason for murder
So A.D.H.D, that I need at least a conserver
It's Chris Webby, brain dead but still deadly
My sh*t's heavy, pop pills and twist heddies
So kick and slap me b*tch, I'll take it like a masochist
Then turn around and smack you with the mic that you be rappin' with
Cause I'm the opposite of pacifist, choke a ho, slap a b*tch
Then leave the room laughin' after it
Like what !

For myself, I have no regrets
Time has taken what it soon forgets
A gambler's paradise in short venue

[Verse 2]
I get up on the beat and I blaze the mic quickly
A serial killer takin' blades to Rice Krispies
An Arabic terrorist in America
If you wanna get at this, (Woof!) I'm triple dog darin' ya
I'm a character like Mickey, Donald, Goofey
Wren and Sippy, Snoopy, Captain Planet, b*tch you best salute me
I'm a loopy looney-tunes with screws-loose, super soakin' dudes deuce
I'm Michael Vick with Blues Clues
I'm a mothaf*ckin' monster man
Get it poppin' like the guns playin' Contra man
Contraband, stuck in my pipe so let me light it
Got a dark passenger like Dexter, why fight it
Lightsaber, swipe it like Qui-Gon-Jin
(Skurr!) burnin' rubber til I ride on rims
Brim to the side, got a sack to spark
I'm cold-blooded, you can find me in Jurassic Park
Like what

I sit alone and hear the sparrow sing
No way of knowing what tomorrow brings
I leave my solitude upon his wings

[Verse 3]
My wisdom exceeds all you dumb MC's
I'm young too, but sh*t I've been rappin' since 3
Since the youngest Jonas Brother was still in his mother's uterus
And Miley Cyrus was in diapers, b*tch I ain't new to this
I'm what you get when you mix alcohol and nicotine
Aderall, Ecstasy, Marijuana and Creatine
Acid, Percocet, Vicodin and Ambien
Shrooms, MDMA and toss a Xany in
Then you got me, mind clinically dumb man
I can count my brain cells on one hand
But I drop sick bars, homie, so you gotta look
B*tch, I be nicer with the ink than an Octopus
I'm that villain out the comic book creepin'
Crawlin' out the flames like a demon, breathin'
Flames out my mouth so nobody could touch me
A mix of Buffalo Bill and Bundy, trust me

A poet's pleasure is to hear in time
The painter pictures what he's left behind
I close my eyes and it all leaves my mind

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