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Chris Webby - TMNR (Intro)

Yup, I'm back
Round two muthafucka
Chris Webby

Yo it's the teenage mutant ninja rapper you don't wanna' start bro
The combination of Donatello and Leonardo
Michelangelo and Raph rolled into one
With the knowledge of Master Splinter so Shredder is done (Finish him)
Coppin' pizza by the box
I'm the creature on the block, no beatin' what I got (nah)
And I'm heatin' up the spot
The way I rip it on the mic even Jesus gotta watch (ha)
Reachin' to the top, battlin' the villains
And a court case 'cause they tryna' send me to prison
I'm the illest white dude that ya never heard (what)
I'm the shit, for lack of a better word (uh)
I'm a dog like a boxer or a pug
'Bout to make a splash in the game, got water in the tub
And I thought you were a thug
But then they scared to battle me 'cause I could squash 'em like a bug (ha)
Mixin' 5-hour energy with Hennessy
Mind's so fucked up I can't even remember me (uhh)
Spit it dope with rhyme, homie I am so defined
Rollin' up more joints than a cobra spine
I am the master of the metaphors
Rip it from Connecticut, Australia to Equador
Settle scores easy, I do not try
I just put one in the air like carbon dioxide (yeah word)
I'm Popeye after digestin' a can of spinach
I'm handlin' business, say more in a sec than you can in a minute (damn)
Animalistic, you cannot attack this
One punch make 'em backflip the fuck off the atlas
I'm a Tempur-Pedic mattress I'll leave an impression
Danny Glover with the lethalest weapon (bang, bang)
Come back and I gots'ta get it
Joints rolled so big you think a Rasta did it
Sippin' on some Jell-O shots with some vodka in it
Known for notoriety, I'm Big Papa with it (oh)
So now listen up to ya boy
Roll one up, kick ya feet up, sit back and enjoy, uh

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