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Chris Webby - Trouble Maker

Baby I'm a trouble maker
Tell ya baby I'm a trouble maker
La da da da da da da da

Baby I'm a trouble maker
That's just always how it's been, I'm a be one till the end
'Cause you know that I'm a trouble maker
And that's just how I do, I don't listen to the rules
'Cause you know that I'm a trouble maker
Not givin' one fuck with my middle fingers up
'Cause you know that I'm a trouble maker
And that's just how it is, that's just how it is

[Verse 1:]
Causin' trouble's in my DNA, part of me
Pardon me, rebellion runs deep in every artery
Hardly containable, aimin' like archery
With more screws loose than poor carpentry
My armor be, heavier than Lancelot
All I need's a gram of pot
And I will cause a ruckus that you couldn't even stand to watch (I'm a trouble maker)
'Cause I just have complete lack of discipline
Beat up any citizen who steps within an inch of him (yeah, yeah)
Me like Leif Ericson, steal, plunderin', pillagin' every village
I'm a villain like Cruella Deville and them (whoo)
On so much Ritalin, my mind's lost at see like Gilligan
Then step back to reality, pop another pill again
Wow, I'm just continually killin' them
'Cause I'm nothin' but trouble or any one of it's synonyms (Da da da da)
And yeah I know that I'm a cocky fuck
But I'll be wreaking havoc till they lock me up


[Verse 2:]
You see it started at detention then it moved into suspension
Then expulsion and arrest with a possible jail sentence (yeah, yeah yeah)
But I flow hot, body tight, harder than a robot
Port to starboard, I'm a make the fuckin' boat rock (Da da da da)
I inhaled a whole crop since I started to smoke pot
Got my brain baked on the stove top ('Cause I'm a trouble maker)
I spit sick, I'm speakin' the flu
Helen Keller couldn't see me and neither can you
I'm a trouble maker, you don't gotta tell me I'm wild
I step in and every drug dog can smell me for miles (yeah)
I'm an intelligent child, deep down I'm not bad bro
But trouble's always followin' me, somethin' like a shadow
So I chose to rap yo, causin' a fiasco
Hotter than Tabasco or burning tobacco
Start learning the facts yo, I am on my hustle
Girls look me up and down and say I look like trouble


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