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Chris Webby - Way of life

feat. D Lector

Never let you out of my sight
Be it day, be it night
You belong to me, that's the way it will be wrong or right

[Intro: Chris Webby]
You belong to me now
It's just gotta be that way, you know?

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
Listen hip-hop, I've been chasing you for quite sometime now
And now I got you where I want you, sh*t it's you and I now
You've been f*cking around with every other dude
While I made all these mixtapes for you, listen boo
I'ma never let you down, I'ma roll for you
I would get on one knee and propose to you
Sh*t I've spent my whole life trying to prove that I was worthy
But if you ever cheat on me, you're dead b*tch, you heard me?
Huh, to see you f*cking around with other dudes has got me going nutty
Because you know they're only in it for the money
I would stand with you though think and thin
B*tch I hope you're listening
You got me second guessing the reality I'm living in
Cause you're my way of life, think about you day and night
Because of you now I finally got my paper right
But I've seen what you done to your other boyfriends
Build them up until they're at the top and then destroy them
One minute you're hot at the club popping Rosé
And next thing you know you're scrubbing floors at Chipotle
Baby you're a b*tch, yes I love you but I hate you
You think she's loyal for a second then she f*cking plays you
Huh, a shot at you? I had to take it
Because you got me infatuated, I graduated from a nobody to a damn MC
And I'ma hold you down b*tch, you better stand by me

You are my way of life
The only way I know
You are my way of life
I'll never let you go

[Verse 2: D. Lector]
This isn't music, it's a way of life
When haters bite they pay the price
I'll take your mic and stab your face in twice
But it ain't a 8-inch stainless knife
So say goodnight, I'll stay and fight like Dana White
The way I write is crazy hype
You say you're nice
Uh, but we ain't alike
Ray of light, playing a pipe
Just bent the game over
Never spent a day sober
So I've yet to catch a hangover
Ford Mustang frame with the train motor
I wanna change lives
You want a chain and a Range Rover
I gotta son, spending money I don't have yet
Mad stress, no assets
Just hope dreams and past debt
Trying to stack cheques and snap necks
Because I know cash rules everything around me, ask Meth
I gotta get it while I can before it's too late
F*ck a cube steak, I just ate some dude's face on Route 8,
I'm super baked, losing it,
These bath salts got me stupid, zooted, jupalooted
Hip-hop why you diluted with this useless music?
I'm anti-radio, anti-autotune
F*ck that, I'm anti all of you
What's wrong with true to doin' what I was taught to do
Slaughtered cruse, talking rude, hopper too (?)
But I feel f*cking awesome dude
People often snooze, so why you daydream
I'm your worst nightmare, or at least it may seem
I've been screaming death to mainstream since I was eighteen

You are my way of life
The only way I know
You are my way of life
I'll never let you go

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