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Chris Webby - Webby's world

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Get your boarding passes ready
I'm about to take you to a place you ain't ever been before
Where insanity is the norm and you can party all damn day
Follow me, hahaha!
Step into my world

Come, come with me
I got anything you need, just follow my lead
You won't believe what you see, it's insanity
So just step into my world
I'd like to welcome you to Webby's World
Come, follow my steps
And you won't be ready for whatever's coming up next
We got music, drugs, and sex
Come join on my quest
So just step in on my world
I'd like to welcome you to Webby's World

[Verse 1]
Come and drift in space, bring you to a different place
Where it is crazy, everybody here got explicit taste
Every girl is beautiful and I could f*ck all of 'em.
'Cause it's Webby's World, what else are they gonna call it son?
No one's locked up 'cause everybody's good people
No one stops the partying 'cause every drug is legal (ha!)
We puff blunts fatter than a sumo
Till we gettin' lifted like the roof higher than Pluto
'Cause Webby's World is deep within a parallel dimension
So follow me if you begin to lose your sense of direction
Webby's World is hard to find unless you know the address
And only I know it so forget searching on MapQuest
This is madness I need my prescriptions
Before I start flippin', a Vicodin should fix him
You could try to understand what I envision
But ain't nobody enterin' into the mind of Christian


[Verse 2]
I live in the future so you are history
I'm so original that nobody could mimic me
Dope front to back, kill it with the symmetry
Like a drunk driver I stay hittin' trees
Touch down on the surface of my planet
Disable tractor beams, cruisin' steady as I land it
A martian like Weezy, homie I'm just tellin' facts
We're both hunted by the mother f*ckin' Men in Black
So come adventure with the Mutant Ninja Rapper
Outdo Shredder 'cause I learned it from my master
Splinter taught me how to kill it with all of my adverbs
Now my word play is enough to knock you backwards
Pop a pill and step into reality
Start seein' like me, f*ck gravity
Follow me, I hope you're ready girl
I'ma bring you up to Webby's World


[Verse 3]
Once you step into my world you'll never leave
Now jump into the world of make believe, tricks up my sleeve
Now get lifted
To a place where reality is twisted
Nothing's what it seems and everything is opposite
I will take the lead and baby you should follow it
'Cause where I'm going you need to come
Time to blast off now, 3, 2, 1


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