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Chris Webby - Webster's revenge

Aw sh*t
Uh, uh
I am not Simba, I am Mufasa
Roar so loud that it shakes the casa
Blowin' more lines than Vinny Chase and Sasha Grey
A lot to say with penne a la vodka
Woof, woof
On my plate to eat it then I
Woof, woof
Spit like a bulimic
Raw bile on a track b*tch you better believe it
Webby half robot call me General Grievous
Tryina be a millionaire, steppin' to Regis
Killin' competitors I'll leave ya skeleton deep six
Go too hard you can tell when the beat hits
I write a whole page while you pencil a prefix
Woof, woof
No jokin' homie
Cough, I gotta quit smoking bogeys
Real hip hop, never quote the phonies
USDA checked what you wrote's baloney
Spaz on the track and show 'em what I'ma do
I'm a certified dude from my fitted to my shoes
Makin' kissy faces at b*tches like Pepe Le Pew
Tryina get 'em from the bar to my f*ckin' bedroom
Asshole rap I'm a douchebag still
Drinkin' like a pirate Bootstrap Bill
Brain f*cked up on these two fat pills
If I don't got 'em I know a dude that will
I'm nice and I will never lose that skill
Spit truth you never head a dude that real
When I woof woof like a f*ckin' dragon
Make love to a beat need a bunch of Magnums
Step to the rappin' call it a stand off
These Frodo Baggins ain't f*ckin' with Gandalf
Pitbull rap, I'ma bite your hand off
She was your girlfriend now she takin' her pants off
Uh, uh, then I stuck it in her
So damn hard that she's f*ckin' injured
Skin tone white like I'm stuck in winter
Body covered in ink like I f*cked a printer
Ya better step go find a stairwell
Turbulence incoming hittin' an air swell
Tell my haters farewell
Cause them beating me
That's like seein' Pauly D without hair gel
Stay up in the booth like Snooki when she's tanning
F*ck J Woww right here where I'm standing
Guidos getting famous when I'm on the grind and makin' hits
I lift my shirt and show 'em what the situation is
Uh, let me take it down a notch
For real
I think a blood vessel just popped
Uh, but I'ma do it 'til my heart stops
Load a sniper rifle baby take your best shot
Rah, I spit cold as sub-zero
I'm Hendrix, ya'll just playing Guitar Hero
Who else is givin' you this many free tapes?
No one
I'm on a roll like a Philly Cheese Steak, ha
Ease off the flow, it's too dope
Every single quote is going right at your throat
Every single musical note that I wrote
Will have you bobbin your head until your neck broke
I'm the most
Underrated dude up in the circuit
But I'd rather be that than overrated final verdict
Cause I'm nice
I say it all the time so I know you heard it
In my personal opinion, I'm perfect
Ha, now who f*ckin' with Webby
Bubble in the answer if you wanna test me
Get buns every day of the week so let's see
All I gotta do is send 'em a poke on FB
It's me, another animal up out the cage
Grapple a beat like I was Diamond Dallas Page
Hey! Connecticut's finally in play
So press the start button and watch me wreak may
Hem on any motherf*cker in my way
Just another Jabbawockie to slay
I got a lyrical resume and it states
Uh sh*t, I forgot
I've been high for days
I climb the stage
Jump out, crazy as hell
Rep New England like Tom Brady himself
Take a little Weird Al and some Shady as well
Get brains
You should see the way my cranium swells
Oh my god
Is he openly talkin' about fellatio?
What, you think I came here to talk you f*ckin' crazy ho?
Hit your knees open your mouth or we can take it slow
Meanin' you should leave
Sorry babe that's just the way it go
I'm really running out of breath
I'm like 4 bars away from death
So I'll give you 2 more just to show you how dope I can rap
And since you prolly missed half the lines I said run it back
Like I said run it back
Uh, uh
Like I said run it back
Uh, uh
Like I said run it back

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