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Chris Webby - What Them Girls Like

I love women, from Brittany Spears to Marge Simpson
Just give me a rubber and you know that I'm goin in son
Ain't no tee ball but it's still easy to hit them
Cause I know what women wan't, call me Mel Gibson
Yes, cause they know we on next
They can throw me on set, watch me go beyond sex
I ball hard but not in the kobe context
I'm collecting v-cards like a pokemon deck muthafucker
Cause I'm on speed to the top
Downin a leader of scotch, cause like a demon I'm hot
Look there's a laundry load full of wife beaters and socks
Not even ripley's is sure if they can believe it or not
Watch, I'll make 'em come to a dead stop
Cause on a beat, I'm a spit it hard as a pet rock
Baby girl, you know I make that bed hot
I'm no angel, my only halo came with an x-box
Drink til I'm walkin like a waddlin duck
But I can step a straight line just to follow a buck
I'm just lookin for a chicken who can swallow a nut
Like a peacan pie in front of joba the hut
Wait what? there is no way she could ignore me
Grabbin on my woody like andy from toy story
With them lips like topanga, I'll play the role of corey
And sit back and watch you do your thing there shawty
Cause you know you cannot start me
12 beers deep and I'm the life of the party
Bring a chick back and you know we gettin naughty
Bite her so hard she be like "ouch charlie! "
Cause you know we gets busy
Head spinnin like taz so you know we get dizzy
Datpiff top 8 with banks, luda, and drizzy
Sick as the swine flu, I been fuckin miss piggy
Really it's silly that you know this dude's nice
Mommy's comin over and she's spendin a few nights
Lyrics like an emo kid's pants man too tight
Throwin mad punches just like pudding in a food fight
Ha, so I'm a hit 'em with low bars
Cause I'm always needin me some M to the O-R
E motha fucker and you know that I go hard
I'm at the top of my game, I'll send you a post card, bitch!

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