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Chrisette Michele - Fragile

It's a long shot but I'm feeling kinda bold when I saw you then my heart took full control can we go Ooo baby somewhere we can get to know each other I'm kinda anxious see I'm not that kinda girl that would do this I'm so far outside my world but if I don't don't tell you baby it will kill me to let you know

Don't you leave me I want to live Can't you see me? Here on the edge Boy don't tell me no don't tell me no Ooo my heart is fragile

La la la la oh oh fragile [x4] boy don't tell me no don't tell me no cause my heart is fragile

I ain't beggin that ain't never been my style but something is different when I'm looking in your eye I loose, loose my cool baby the closer that you get to me I can't take another second oh I'm jumpin out my skin if loving is the game then boy you gotta let me win Ooo baby baby baby it's like I can barely breathe


I ain't beggin naw but please I'm just asking you to see I ain't like this normally I'm acting kinda foolishly but don't you think that you and me could really be


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