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Chrishan & Young Bishop - Callin' 4 Me

[Verse 1: Young B]
I gotta tell y'all this, yeah I love my chick.
Love when she get her hair did and her nails fixed.
Look at her outfit, it's lookin' so sick,
Look at the one on your chick, man it's lookin' so ick.
She really needs to quit, cause she is not fit.
Whatever how it is, know that my shorty is it.
When we be shoppin we don't worry bout the cost.
We just going coppin' cause we do it like a boss.
Now, I gotta catch my breath,
When they give her a call I won't let myself.
Cause these feelings have no feelins before that I have never felt.
My shorty's cold, but like snow easy I'm a melt.
When she is in my arms, she feels no harm,
She feels so good, my shorty's so hood.
Now even when I try not to she's always on my mind I think about her all the time,
My shorty's so fly and that's why,

[Chorus: Chrishan]
I'm on the highway doin like 80.
Try'na get there try'na see my baby,
She's callin 4 me (she's callin 4 me)

I don't want no other than my lady,
Tyr'na get there, tyr'na see my baby,
She's callin 4 me (she's callin 4 me)

She keep on callin'
She keep on callin'

[Verse 2: Young B]
Now me and her together, it was destined to be,
I ain't gotta say a word cause see she'll check in for me.
My shorty's not a bird, but a diamond,
A piece of my heart is what she gon' have until I R-I-P.
Now all you see, it's her with me.
Us together, she's hott, I'm cold, we both change the weather.
Whenever we get together, they mad cause we are clever.
Then anything they can think of, and bad cause we better.
Yes sir, our love you can't break up.
We look good, coverin' each other like make-up.
Aye cause, you got a beeper?
I think I'm in love, and I know she's a keeper.
Now when you see her, gotta watch yourself,
Even though you know she's mine it's gon' be hard to stop
Yourself from try'na get at her, quit the chit-chatta.
Whatever you sayin' to her, it don't matter.

[Chorus x2]

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