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Chrishan - Don't Leave Me

Don't leave me

It's like one way ticket
It ended, it ended
It's like I love my heart over stage
Like I get to cruel beaded
... days

Together I could have gave everything
I would have... everything with you
Whatever ever got to understand
Now I'm taking your hand

Why are you at the door
Why you wanna leave
It I give up everything would you stay with me
I don't know where to go
This... it's so cold
So why you wanna leave my heart on the floor?

Don't leave
Don't leave me


It's like a...
Ripping up the picture
Something is wrong and I just can't feel
I tried to be the best man
Do the best I can
I give you everything you need
That's why I can't see baby
I thought we was forever
... upon me baby
I can't stand see you walking out the door
Baby don't leave me


Fellows if you got a girl
Which means the whole world say:
Don't leave me
Ladies if you got a man
And he don't understand
Don't leave me


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