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Chrishan - Give Up On Me

[Verse 1:]
Girl I know u be hatin' now
I let u down, didn't really think that I was leaving, and I know it hurts right now
That u are, didn't really give u a reason
And I know that's sad, all that I said
But I wish I cud take it back, cause you belong with
Me(oh oh)but now u don't wanna be(oh oh)

Give up my heart
I don't cry cause somebody help me, somebody help me
Give up my heart
I know I am dying but I know u luv, I know u luv me
So do what u want
Get outa misery
So do what u want
Just give up on me
So do what u want
Give up my heart
Give up the card
Just put up the...
Give up on me... Give up on me(oh) [x4]

[Verse 2:]
There use to be time when I hold u and hold u
And tell you we be forever
But now I'm lookin' at it never(never)
On the calender(never) never
Now there's nowhere in your heart for me
And it's here where my heart should be(yeah)
Can somebody help me...
You gonna end it right now

[Chorus: till fade]

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