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Chrishan - Shawty On Point

feat. Meech

Ay, ay, see I kinda like this one right here though
Chrishan bring me in right quick bro
You see I was at the mall looking all extra fly right? (right)
And I seen this bad shorty (for real tho?)
This girl was on point you know?
And I was like man I gotta go talk to this girl
So I'm like this though
Hey (It's Meech)

Seen her at the mall when she lookin like a million bucks
Said what's popppin shorty you already know wassup
Chris pallin ballin man you already know my stacks is nuts
Can I get ya number shawty even take you out to lunch?
She said I do it large and I must be a big shot
Yeah I do it big nortorious checkin the parking lot
See it's my time you can tell by the icy watch
Anything you need is bought, hey

She like my game, she like the way I talk
She like my chain, she like the way I ball
She like my outfit, she like the way I walk
But ain't nobody fly as her
Shawty on point [x8]
Shawty do it bad, she got her hair did
Got nails done, new outfit
Shawty on point [x5]

You see I talked about how fly I was & everythang
But I'm a talk about how fly you is & everythang
(Shawty on point) she on point, and listen here, hey (It's Meech!)
My shawty on point something like a ballpen (woah damn)
She shoppin with so many bags that she fall in (ok)
She get her hair done, she get her nails did
A foreign girl so she speak another language
Gotta accent but I know what she is sayin
Ain't nobody fly as her yeah she so amazing
She somethin like a boss, I see ya love to floss
She fly we takin off


Ohh, as soon as I step on the scene
All these girls but they be jockin me ohh
But I'm lookin at the one in between yeah yeah yeah
Super futuristic hoppin out my spaceship
2085 I'm so outerspaceish
Me and you together baby we can be the greatest
We can be the greatest? you know what I'm sayin


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