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Chrishan - Trick Look At Me Now (Club Mix)

feat. Meech

See I Had This Girl, Right
And All Through Our Relationshio
She Would Just Tell Me About,
How I'm Not Gon' Be Nothin' With My Music Career,
And Then She Would Run And Tell Her Friends,
Like He's Not This, He's Not That,
He Can't Do This And Bla Bla Bla's,
That's Where It Got To The Point, Where I Said, What The Fck Man?
Like You Actin' Like I Ain't Desperate For You Man, Just A Lil' Loyalty...
So I Just Told Her Like,
T-t-t-t-tell 'Em 'Bout The Gucci That I Bought Cha',
T-t-t-t-tell 'Em 'Bout The Coach That I Bought Cha',
T-t-t-t-tell 'Em 'Bout The Phones That I Bought Cha',
T-t-t-t-tell 'Em It Ain't Matter What The Cost Was,
T-t-t-t-tell 'Em You Don't Give A Fck About Me,
T-t-t-t-tell 'Em You Was Tryna Get The Money Off Me,
T-t-t-t-tell 'Em You Told Me I Would Be Nothin',
T-t-t-t-tell Me Why, Tell Me Why, You Out Here Blurtin',
I Was Tryna Tell You Baby,
You Didn't Believe, And Now You're Gon' See This Day,
Cause I'm At The Top, I Can't Stop, And Not In Your Gucci Car,
I Don't Wanna Be With You,
Cause I'm Livin' So Fckin' Hard, Babe...

I Told You
I Told You
I Told You
I Would Be Famous Baby
You Told Me
You Told Me
You Told Me
That I Was Crazy Baby
Trick Look At Me Now,
Trick, Trick, Look At Me Now.
Trick, Look At Me Now.
Trick, Look At Me Now. [x2]

H-h-h-h-hold The Fck Up Up,
(Wait A Minute)
I'm In The VP, And Could I Talk To You For A Minute.
You Act Like I Would, When I Lose, I'll Fill It To The Ceilin', And You Start Sheverin'...
I Told You,
You Laughed At This, To Come Back And Haunt Cha, Puttin' You On Blast,
Like I Don't Want Cha,
But What Happened To The Promises, Promises, That We Made,
Okay, You've Changed,
But This All I Gotta Say...


Trick Trick, Look At Me Now,
I'm Flashin' On The Camera,
Turn On The Television,
I'm On Every Channel,
I Got My Gucci Bandana,
When I'm In It Nana,
Girl, Say It, Throw It, De Yo Montana,
Hey, And I'm a Put It On,
My Chain For The Stone,
Girls, Got That...
Snickerz-ing Tone,
Look At Me Trick,
Hey, You Know What It Is,
Hit Beat, Cause Chrishan, In The Milin' Dolla...

[Chorus x3]

Told You Not To Mess With Me...


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