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Christina Milian - Spending Time

feat. Charli Baltimore

Christina Millian
Chuck B. Moore, Murder Inc.

[Chorus: Christina Milian]
Spending time with you (yeah yeah yeah)
Makes me feel real good (uh uh uh)
All my days with you
Makes me say ooh - ooh oooh (yeah yeah yeah)

[Verse: Christina Milian]
Darling when I look at you
It always makes me feel real good
And I know I kind of fell for you
Like I never thought I would (never thought I would)
And baby when I think of you
It always brightens up my smile (my smile)
So won't you come on over boy and just stay with me for a while
I love when I'm...


[Verse: Christina Milian]
And baby when I'm feeling down
It's always you that makes me right
It seems like you're the only one that can satisfy my appetite
And even when its pouring rain
I can't wait to see your face (see your face)
Because you bring my sunshine back and you just can't be replaced
I love when I'm...


[Verse: Charlie Baltimore]
Now listen
If I spend my days with you
Is timing for me or are you geniuz?
Cause I spend my nights with you
Only if you my man and not a one night stand
I got plans on loving you
I follow your lead cause you all I need
So easy, with that thug in you
Take it slow we gon' pace the flow
I know you're thinking devilish
Cause the girl roll 1-8-7ish (Murda!)
Get it back, my lifestyle not my wife style
Boy, I only hold mics on the tv
Hold hands when you need me, believe me
See be always on guard
But timing makes me love her, yeah
So put your ex's in check
They exit, I'm next, accept it
My time in minds inperfected, Chuck!

[Bridge: Christina Milian]
Everyday and every night
I can't wait to have you by my side (have you by my side)
Have you by my side (have you by my side)
Everyday and every night
I can't wait to have you by my side (have you by my side)
Have you by my side

[Chorus x2]

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